Minority Student Caucus: Minority Health Conference 2002

Minority Student Caucus: Minority Health Conference 2002
Social Determinants of Health: Assembling Pieces of the Puzzle
24th Annual Minority Health Conference and the
4th Annual William T. Small Jr. Keynote Lecture
March 1, 2002
Among the most important accomplishments of public health in the U.S. during the last century is the successful reduction of many environmental conditions that negatively impact health of the public. However, today there still exist socially constructed institutionalized barriers that lead to increased health concerns among populations of color and poor communities. Access to transportation, quality education and other macro-level social and economic forces influence the health disparities that exist throughout the United States. These disparities suggest that community members, public health practitioners, public health researchers, educators, urban planners and industry officials must all come together in order to better understand and address socially constructed threats to public health.
John P. Kirscht Collegiate Professor of Public Health
Department of Epidemiology
Department of Health Behavior
University of Michigan
“I’ve only been able to “attend” the webcast of these lectures. Yet, every year the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health Minority Health Conference webcast and its associated website have been among the most informative and useful events/resources I access during the year.”

-Alice Furumoto-Dawson, Jan. 2006
“The current topic is outstanding, as were the previous three broadcasts I attended. The annual Minority Health Conference is really a phenomenal undertaking, especially coming from an institution that has epitomized excellence in the teaching and practice of epidemiology in the US and beyond.”
-Anbesaw Selassie, Feb. 2008


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