Minority Student Caucus: Minority Health Conference 1999

Raising Resilient Children: How Communities of Color Respond to the Challenge
21st Annual Minority Health Conference and the
5th Annual William T. Small Jr. Keynote Lecture
February 19, 1999
Healthy and resilient children are those who can withstand and overcome the obstacles and stresses that arise in day-to-day life. Challenges to the health of U.S. children involve a wide range of sociocultural, political, and economic factors, including low socioeconomic status and high-risk environments. For example, almost half of all childhood deaths are caused by unintentional injuries. Death and disability in children can be reduced through education for both children and their caregivers, improved access to health and social services, and the implementation of policies that protect the health and well-being of U.S. children.

Stephen B. Thomas, PhD
Associate Professor and Director
Institute for Minority Health Research
Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

“I’ve only been able to “attend” the webcast of these lectures. Yet, every year the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health Minority Health Conference webcast and its associated website have been among the most informative and useful events/resources I access during the year.”

-Alice Furumoto-Dawson, Jan. 2006
“The current topic is outstanding, as were the previous three broadcasts I attended. The annual Minority Health Conference is really a phenomenal undertaking, especially coming from an institution that has epitomized excellence in the teaching and practice of epidemiology in the US and beyond.”
-Anbesaw Selassie, Feb. 2008


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