Master’s paper and dissertations

Master’s paper
Each Master’s student is required to submit a Master’s paper to the Department of Maternal and Child Health that deals with a subject relevant to the field of MCH. The paper can be completed in one of four ways: (1) an in-depth study; (2) research application and utilization; (3) original research; or (4) an individualized alternative. For more information about the Master’s paper, please see Appendix C of the Master’s Handbook.For an example of a title page for Master’s paper click here. Also, below is a typical timeline students may follow for Master’s paper preparation. These papers may be accessed via UNC’s Electronic Theses and Dissertations Collection.
Months before graduation
Month of graduation
Meet with advisor to discuss topic and IRB application, if necessary
9 August November March
Select second reader; develop agreement and timeline
5 December March July
First draft
3 February May September
Second draft
2 March June October
Submit final paper
1 April July November
Doctoral dissertations
Below is a list of recent MCH dissertations.
Siobhan Young, 2013
Characterizing patterns of sexual mixing and egocentric sexual network risk among a population at risk for HIV acquisition and transmission in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Sherika Hill, 2013
Early child care and weight outcomes among low-income African-Americans
Fernanda Costa de Queirós, 2012
Early life disabilities and human capital accumulation in young adulthood
Laili Irani, 2012
Family planning in urban Kenya: An examination of the factors affecting contraceptive use
Martha P. Skiles, 2012
An equity analysis of performance-based financing in Rwanda
Winnie Luseno, 2012
Effect of the Mchinji social cash transfer pilot scheme on children’s schooling, work and health outcomes: A multilevel study using experimental data
Layla M. Lavasani, 2012
The effect of the lady health worker program on maternal health and family planning services in rural Pakistan
Stephanie Moultrie Reed, 2012
The impact of segregation and education on levels of maternal risk and their joint contribution to the risk of preterm birth
Heather Marlow, 2012
Unwanted fertility experience, HIV status and post-partum contraceptive use in a PMTCT population in Durban, South Africa
Nathan Nickel, 2011
Breastfeeding friendly healthcare: A mixed methods evaluation of the implementation and outcomes of maternity practices to support breastfeeding
Adam Zolotor, 2011
Parenting of children under two: severe physical punishment and psychological aggression
Kim McCombs, 2011
Fostering a permanent home: A mixed methods evaluation of the ZERO TO THREE court teams for maltreated infants and toddlers initiative
Annie Laurie McRee, 2011
HPV vaccine and parent communication about sex
Aiko Hattori, 2011
The effect of female education on health in Bangladesh
Abigail Haydon, 2011
Beyond age at first sex: Adolescent sexual patterns and adult sexual and reproductive health
Holly Burke, 2010
Contraceptive continuation in Kenya
Rajeev Colaco, 2010
Predictors and patterns of high-risk non-marital sex among men in North Indian States of Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal: Quantitative and qualitative analyses
Emily Evens, 2010
Conceptualizing and testing a new measure of fertility intentions: a mixed methods exploration of factors that affect the achievement of childbearing plans
Anu Gomez, 2010
Intersections of gender equity, intimate partner violence and relationship dynamics among Brazilian youth
Miao Jiang, 2010
A discrete-event simulation model of the US juvenile justice and mental health systems
Susanne Meghdadpour, 2010
Risk taking behaviors of South African adolescents orphaned due to HIV/AIDS
Ghazaleh Samandari, 2010
Contraceptive use in Cambodia: A multi-method examination of determinants and barriers to modern contraception
Meghan Shanahan, 2010
Within poverty differences in the predictors and developmental consequences of neglect among young children