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Apply for in-state tuition

According to the North Carolina Statute, in order to establish residency for tuition purposes a student must:

  • Establish domicile (physical presence and intent to make North Carolina his/her permanent home for an indefinite duration) 12 months prior to the beginning of the term (1st day of classes);
  • Maintain that domicile for at least 12 consecutive months; and
  • Not be in North Carolina solely to attend college.

Establishing a domicile

To prove the first requirement for residency, a “preponderance of evidence” must be established, which includes a cluster of significant events demonstrating domicile (physical presence and intent to stay). This is subject to the final decision of the residency status committee. “Significant events” include things like:

  • Reporting when you physically come to NC (Where do you live and for how long?)
  • Showing that you made NC your domicile of indefinite duration outside the context of your academic program and its related activities (Where are/were you employed?; When/where did you serve on jury duty?; Where/when did you file tax returns?; When/where did you get your driver’s license? Where did you register/insure your car?; Where/when did you register to vote? Did you vote?; Where do you keep your personal property? How long has it been there?)
  • Listing other times you came to NC, and documenting events (dates/places) that led you to decide to establish your domicile in NC (Where/when did you spend vacation time?
  • Showing what have you done (documentable events) to make plans for your future in NC (Where/when did you spend vacation time?)
  • Other residency events (Do your parents claim you as a dependent? What are your sources of financial support?; Where/when do you maintain memberships in professional associations, civic groups, religious bodies or similar organizations?)

Some Common Mistakes

  • Student submits application for residency too early (the 12-month period begins once domicile and intent have been established
  • Student does not complete the residency application
  • The application is not filled out completely
  • Student does not provide accurate dates (this can have a significant effect on when the 12-month clock starts)


The Residency Status Committee will hear appeals, which provides an applicant a second chance to present new information not included on the original application. The committee when evaluates facts in the context of legal requirements to make decision





Laptop Policy

Laptop recommendations for students:

  • Laptops are required. See the campus minimum requirements.
  • The university provides 24/7 computer support as well as on-site computer repair for PC and Mac computers purchased through the campus CCI program.
  • Our faculty members incorporate a wide variety of computer-based technologies into course content.
  • Laptops are used for course presentations, taking notes, accessing the web, use of social media and polling tools and other course-specific software during class.
  • Students also use laptops for sharing group projects and other assignments.

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