Maternal and Child Health faculty and staff

Faculty members Sullivan and Margolis

Faculty members Sullivan and Margolis (l-r)

Our department’s faculty and staff are seasoned veterans in MCH practice and scholarship. Many have worked within or in close consultation with the major domestic and global MCH public health agencies – the State Health Department/Title V Program, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The U.S. Agency for International Development, The United Nations Children’s Fund, and the World Health Organization. They have also led the MCH field in teaching, continuing to introduce curricular innovations to ensure that our students obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective leaders in the field.

Currently the department has 29 faculty members, 18 of whom have primary appointments in MCH. Complementing these faculty are four emeritus members, and more than 70 adjunct faculty, many of whom hold leadership positions in MCH research and practice settings. Given the interdisciplinary nature of our department, faculty and staff research interests and activities span the full array of issues and areas of focus for the maternal and child health population. Our initiatives are designed to create new knowledge and directly improve the health of this population. World class faculty have been carefully recruited with these goals in mind.

Our skilled and dedicated staff members support our faculty, students and alumni, ensuring that our teaching and research programs run smoothly and effectively. Together, faculty and staff help our department stay responsive to the changing needs of MCH students, alumni and the practice community.

Gustavo Angeles Research Assistant Professor
Pierre Barker Clinical Professor
Janine Barden-O’Fallon Clinical Assistant Professor
Shelah Bloom Research Assistant Professor
Dorothy Cilenti Clinical Associate Professor
Sian Curtis Research Associate Professor
Julie Daniels Professor
Claudia S.P. Fernandez Clinical Associate Professor
Dean Fixsen Research Professor
Sherri Green Research Associate Professor
Shoshana Goldberg Research Assistant Professor
Dana Hagele Research Assistant Professor
Carolyn Halpern Professor and Chair
Jon Hussey Research Assistant Professor
Thomas Ivester Clinical Associate Professor
Lewis Margolis Associate Professor
Sandra L Martin Professor
Kavita Singh Ongechi Associate Professor
Aunchalee Palmquist Assistant Professor
Angela Parcesepe Assistant Professor
Herbert Peterson Kenan Distinguished Professor
Tamar Ringel-Kulka Research Assistant Professor
Rohit Ramaswamy Clinical Associate Professor
Meghan Shanahan Research Assistant Professor
Ilene Speizer Research Professor
Alison Stuebe Associate Professor
Catherine Sullivan Clinical Assistant Professor
John Thorp, Jr Professor
Christine Tucker Research Assistant Professor
Kat Tumlinson Assistant Professor
Bharathi J. Zvara Research Assistant Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Trude Bennett Emeritus Associate Professor
Anita M Farel Emeritus Clinical Professor
Jonathan B Kotch Emeritus Research Professor
Miriam H Labbok (deceased) Emeritus Professor of the Practice of Public Health
Diane Rowley Emeritus Professor of the Practice of Public Health
Kathryn Clark Andersen Lecturer
Bruce Barron Adjunct Professor
Joy Baumgartner Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jose Belizan Adjunct Professor
Mary Benson Adjunct Associate Professor
Pouru Bhiwandi Adjunct Professor
Deborah Billings Adjunct Associate Professor
Dalia Brahmi Adjunct Assistant Professor
Colleen Bridger Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pauline Brooks Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dorothy C Browne Adjunct Professor
Amy Bryant Adjunct Assistant Professor
Paul Allen Buescher Adjunct Professor
Holly McClain Burke Adjunct Associate Professor
Martha Christine Carlough Adjunct Associate Professor
Cecilia Casanueva Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cynthia Cassell Adjunct Assistant Professor
Caroline Doherty Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sandra Echeverria Adjunct Assistant Professor
Abigail English Adjunct Associate Professor
Alfredo Fort Adjunct Associate Professor
Judith Fortney Adjunct Professor
Robert Foss Adjunct Professor
Jean Christophe Fotso Adjunct Assistant Professor
Deborah Gibbs Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phillip Graham Adjunct Associate Professor
Rebecca Greenleaf Adjunct Instructor
Joumana Haidar Adjunct Assistant Professor
Denise Dion Hallfors Adjunct Professor
Elaine Hart-Brothers Adjunct Assistant Professor
Marcia Herman-Giddens Adjunct Professor
Linda Ippolito Adjunct Assistant Professor
Roy Jacobstein Adjunct Professor
Dilshad Jaff Adjunct Assistant Professor
Marian Johnson-Thompson Adjunct Professor
Heidi Johnston Adjunct Assistant Professor
Michael Kafrissen Adjunct Professor
Nathalie Kapp Adjunct Associate Professor
Eileen Kugler Adjunct Assistant Professor
Anuradha Kumar Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jack Leiss Adjunct Associate Professor
Winfred Luseno Adjunct Assistant Professor
Baker Maggwa Adjunct Professor
Gerri Mattson Adjunct Assistant Professor
Elizabeth McClure Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kara McGee Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cathy Melvin Adjunct Associate Professor
Robert Meyer Adjunct Professor
Roland Mhlanga Adjunct Professor
Stephen Mills Adjunct Assistant Professor
Beth Moracco Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Amy Mullenix Adjunct Instructor
Robert Murphy Adjunct Associate Professor
Savithri Nageswaran Adjunct Assistant Professor
Priya Nanda Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sandra Naoom Adjunct Assistant Professor
Constance Newman Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sachiko Ozawa Adjunct Associate Professor
Krista Perreira Adjunct Associate Professor
McLean Pollock Adjunct Assistant Professor
Heidi Reynolds Adjunct Assistant Professor
Catherine Rohweder Adjunct Assistant Professor
Doris Rouse Adjunct Professor
Catherine Sanford Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lucille Siegel Adjunct Associate Professor
Paige Smith Adjunct Associate Professor
David Sokal Adjunct Associate Professor
John Stanback Adjunct Associate Professor
Joseph Telfair Adjunct Professor
Elizabeth Tolley Adjunct Associate Professor
Stephanie Triantafillou Adjunct Assistant Professor
Nana Amma Twum-Danso Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sarah Verbiest Adjunct Assistant Professor
Thomas Vitaglione Adjunct Professor
Yudan Wang Adjunct Assistant Professor
Andra Wilkinson Adjunct Assistant Professor
Nancy E Williamson Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Staff Profiles

Michelle Abel-Shoup Program Manager
Alexsandra Apostolico Social/Clinical Research Specialist
Rachel Berthiaume Research Associate
Kathy Donnald Research Associate
Dorothea Calhoun-Smith Business Services Coordinator
Mary Cleary Training Specialist
Rebecca Lynn Greenleaf Social/Clinical Research Specialist
Daina Huntley Director-Community Breastfeeding
Tekleab Mekbib Postdoctal Research Associate
Amy Mullenix Collaboration Manager
Kathy Parry Program Director
Rhonda Rambeaut Child Care Health Consultant
Jeannie Marie Reardon Social/Clinical Research Specialist
Marie-Therese Schultes Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Jacqueline Simmons Program Coordinator
Theresa Vinson Stenersen Clinical Research Specialist
Diana Urlaub Research Associate
Alice M Wertheimer Project Assistant


Administrative Staff

Carrie Aldrich Student Services Manager
Kathy Biancardi Public Communication Specialist
WHO Collaborating Center Assistant
Susan Charamut Assistant to Chair
Jennifer Cole Director of Career Development
Tara Fitch Accounting Technician
Quetta Long Accounting Technician
Lisa Perry Business Manager
Charlene Phillips Accounting Technician-Temporary
Gail Plaisance Program Assistant-Temporary