Hannah Silverstein

Hannah Silverstein

Hannah Silverstein, MPH

Program Initiated: 2017

Primary Advisor: Gustavo Angeles, PhD

Minor: Public Policy

Research Interests: Program evaluation; people with disabilities

Dissertation Research:

Honors/Awards: Merit Assistantship, 2017-2018; FHI 360 Fellowship, 2016-2017; John and Sallie Shuping Russel Scholarship, 2016; Public Health Research/Teaching Assistantship, 2015

Bio: Hannah became interested in program evaluation research while earning her Bachelor’s in International Health from Georgetown University. In 2012, she worked at a research center in Ghana designing and conducting an IRB-approved, qualitative evaluation of a pilot conditional cash transfer program for impoverished new mothers.

Hannah also has been passionate about addressing the needs of people with disabilities. During her fieldwork in Ghana, she developed a strong interest in clubfoot, a congenital birth defect.  After college, she produced a documentary with her partner, a journalist. ‘The Footnote Film Project’ investigates global efforts to treat clubfoot in the U.S., Canada, Ghana, Vietnam, Nicaragua, and New Zealand. The film aims to increase awareness of the condition and its treatment and was released online.

In 2015, Hannah decided to pursue an MPH in maternal and child health at UNC with the specific goal of gaining research skills and experiences in program evaluation after observing several different national clubfoot programs. She was awarded an FHI 360-UNC Research Fellowship for 2016-2017 in the Health Services Research division, where she worked on projects in a wide range of topics under her mentor, Dr. Lisa Dulli.  During her doctoral studies, Hannah wants to further her program evaluation skills and knowledge about populations with disabilities to research the effect of global social protection programs, targeting a broader population, on children with disabilities and their families.

Outside of school, Hannah enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dog, traveling, crafts, cooking, and yoga.

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