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March 24, 2006
Scholarships strengthen diversity and create new educational opportunities

Tom Wong, PhD, MPH and Sandy Moulton, JD, MPH

Tom Wong, PhD, MPH and Sandy Moulton, JD, MPH

UNC Alumni Tom Wong, PhD, MPH and Sandy Moulton, JD, MPH wanted to make it possible for students to afford to come to Carolina’s School of Public Health.

“Both of us returned to attend the UNC School of Public Health after obtaining other degrees,” says Sandy. “I had my law degree and Tom was working on a post-doctorate, so finances were tight and a government scholarship made it possible for me to go to school.”

“We would never have thought it possible to establish a scholarship until someone asked us. Once we thought about it, it seemed like a good way to make it possible to help others afford this education,” Sandy adds. “As a North Carolinian, it was important to me to support students from North Carolina and Tom wanted to help students from diverse backgrounds. We are so impressed by the quality of the students we meet.”

Create a scholarship transform a life. Scholarships provide opportunities for talented students who might otherwise not be able to pursue their educational dreams. Please visit and invest in our future public health leaders.

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