Kosorok Awarded New Grant

Dr. Michael Kosorok, Chair and Professor of Biostatistics, has won a new grant from the National Cancer Institute titled “Semiparametric and Empirical Process Methods in Oncology.” This grant will be funded for three years. Total dollar amount for 3 years is $651,222.

The long-term goal of the proposed project is to develop flexible semiparametric analysis tools for clinical, epidemiological, and basic science studies in oncology. This goal will be accomplished through achieving the following four aims: (1) Develop and evaluate more flexible and effective statistical analysis methods for transformation models in right censored time-to-event data; (2) Develop and evaluate tools for flexible semiparametric risk-factor assessment in interval censored cancer studies; (3) Create tools for computationally efficient inference in semiparametric models for cancer research; and (4) Develop flexible, semiparametric methods for the analysis of extremely high dimensional screening data for cancer studies.