September 13, 2007
Jeno Bratts accepts the Staff Excellence Award

Jeno Bratts accepts the Staff Excellence Award

On Friday, September 7, Jeno M. Bratts, systems manager in Instructional and Information Systems at the School of Public Health, was honored as recipient of the School’s 2007 Staff Excellence Award. Bratts was presented with a framed certificate and monetary award at an afternoon reception in the Michael Hooker Research Center atrium.

Other nominees were acknowledged with certificates presented by Dr. Dave Potenziani, senior associate dean at the School. This year’s nominees included Lynne Brody (Nutrition), Sue Cotcamp (Maternal and Child Health), Monisia Farrington (Dean’s Office – fiscal), Amanda Holloway (IIS), Phyllis Johnson (Epidemiology), Evie McKee (Biostatistics), Sue Roberson (Public Health Leadership) and Brent Wishart (Dean’s Office – facilities).

The School’s Staff Excellence Award has been presented annually since 1991 to a staff member who exemplifies outstanding work, as measured by attitude, leadership and initiative.

The text of Bratts’ acceptance speech appears below:


Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend such a wonderful event.

I want to thank my family and friends for supporting me during my career and life.

I want to thank the School for making it a priority to recognize and honor dedicated staff.

I want to say “Thank you” to Helen Nulty for nominating me for this award. “Thank you Helen.”

There were a number of other qualified candidates, and I want to thank them for all they do to make the School run better. Thanks to the committee for reviewing the applications and recommending mine to the Dean.

I very much appreciate Dean Rimer and what she is doing for the School. Since I enjoy technology, I am impressed at her interest in our website and her focus on using the most up-to-date technology and cutting-edge communications efforts to let others know about the good work that is being done here. I am proud to be part of a group where communication, team work and hard work are expected, but also respected and valued.

Thanks, Dave, for highlighting my work. I could not have done most of it without your prior accomplishments building IIS to what is today.


IIS has a diverse group of talented staff. I am proud to work with them. My team is an amazing group. As many of you know, we work odd hours to better serve you. I want to thank them for making “me” and our group look good. It is through my group and IIS that I am standing here before you today.

This award means a lot to me. After working many long hours, putting in over 22 years of service and dedication to the School, having received this award contributes to validating my career thus far.


Not everyone has the good fortune to be publicly recognized for the things they do–and sometimes the people who get recognition aren’t the ones that may seem most deserving. But my experience tells me that the important people–our co-workers, who depend on us and whom we depend upon–know the “stuff” we’re made of. And more importantly, we have an inner gauge that measures our integrity and the quality of our work. I look out at you and get the strong feeling that you are all winners.

Thank you for selecting me as the recipient of the 2007 Staff Excellence Award at the School of Public Health.


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