Innovative ideas to solve a critical public health problem
Meet the 17 teams!

Teams led by Gillings students and alums competed head-to-head for the chance to win cash and consulting support to bring their idea to life! Congratulations to the competition winners, the CARD program. The finalists are listed below in the order they finished – all won cash prizes, and the top team also won $5,000 worth of consulting from Bluedoor Group. Scroll down to view team introduction videos from all entrants.


The CARD Program – Convenient Access for Rural Diabetics

The CARD program is an incentivized lifestyle management program for low-income diabetics in rural communities.

Coached by: Jim Hendricks, MS

Duke Energy Vice President of Environment, Health, and Safety (Retired)

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At LiRA we are developing technologies to build a world where each bond, every voice, and all communication is realized. Our first product is lip-reading software designed to empower voiceless individuals and advance the standard of healthcare.

Coached by: Marcia Angle, MD, MPH

Retired Public Health Physician

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Full Circle

Full Circle provides delivery-only restaurants shared kitchen space and environmentally sustainable solutions, maximizing profit while optimizing environmental sustainability.

Coached by: Richard Kelly, MBA

Executive in Residence, University of Richmond Robins School of Business; Former Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Nutriati, Inc.

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DiversiPHI Consulting

Increasing efforts to diversify the face of public health support our current political and social movement of racism and discrimination as a public health issue. If we do not continue to take steps to create and maintain positive change surrounding public health, the way we tackle public health problems will not evolve.

Coached by: Jesse Milan Jr., JD

President and Chief Executive Officer, AIDS United

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Round 2 teams

Groceries to Go

Groceries to Go is a solution to end food insecurity and close the gap in health disparities by bringing fresh produce and nutrition education to low income areas.

Coached by: Louise Wistanly, LLB, MSB

Attorney and Medical Ethicist

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Jump Ahead

Jump Ahead is an after school program that promotes physical and mental wellness through interactive snack activities and jump rope instruction.

Coached by: Paula Brown Stafford, MPH

CEO, Novan Inc.

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mPOWER crowd sources peer support and information about community-rooted resources for individuals living with chronic illness.

Coached by: Lee Phillips, MA

Chief Strategy Officer and co-Founder, Bluedoor Group

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Sprouted Meals

Sprouted Meals plans, purchases, and preps meals focused on environmental sustainability and community connections.

Coached by: Maura Rampolla, MPH

Co-founder and Director, The Mark and Maura Rampolla Foundation

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Round 1 teams

Bayesian inference of COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. using adjusted SIR and SEIR modeling

By using statistical modeling, I found it is significant to slow down the national reopen in the U.S.

Coached by: Paul Casey

Former Vice President and Global Head, Cardiac Safety Services, Quintiles

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Our venture aims to reduce police brutality by connecting the police department and their community in a personable, transparent fashion.

Coached by: Bill Ross, JD

Visiting Professor and Attorney

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Improve the implementation and impact of social programs in Latin America by providing young professionals global health research training.

Coached by: Mary Kincaid

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The Happy Bump

A weekly door-delivery service of meals and supplements for expectant mothers.

Coached by: Pam Pure

President and Founder, Pure Advisory, LLC

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Health Risk Index (HRI)

Health Risk Index (HRI) aims to scale BMI and additional cofactors of chronic illness to better assess long-term health outcomes.

Coached by: Susan Kitchen

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Medicine Manager

We are working on developing a self-learning Alexa skill, Medicine Manager (, designed to provide voice-reminders to patients of when to take their medications.

Coached by: Jesse Milan Jr., JD

President and Chief Executive Officer, AIDS United

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Newman Carpenter

Newman Carpenter, a public health creative agency, designs creative tools and strategies for health communication to help impact behavior change.

Coached by: Jimmy Rosen MBA, MSPH

President and Chief Executive Officer Artizan Biosciences

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Tele-NAPSACC combats childhood obesity through self assessments, educational modules, and access to virtual healthcare providers.

Coached by: Leah Devlin, DDS, MPH

Gillings Professor of the Practice, Research, Innovation and Global Solutions

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University Primary Care Provider Supply Program (UPCPSP)

This program utilizes the availability of medical students in the triangle area to satisfy the provider shortage in the surrounding rural counties.

Coached by: Erik Eaker, MHA

Senior Vice President of Business Operations, BioIQ

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Thanks to our entrepreneur coaches!