Competitive GIL Awards

(from active school-wide call for proposals; funded by Gillings gift)

Round 5  (2017 – 2018)

Causal Inference Research Laboratory Stephen Cole , PhD, co-Principal Investigator Michael Hudgens, PhD, co-Principal Investigator
Transformative Use of Chitosan as a Coagulant-Flocculant and Filter Aid to Improve Drinking Water Mark Sobsey, PhD, co-Principal Investigator Jamie Bartram, PhD, co-Principal Investigator
Circulating MicroRNAs as Novel Biomarkers of Arsenic-Associated Diabetes Miroslav Styblo, PhD, co-Principal Investigator Praveen Sethupathy, PhD (UNC Genetics), co-Principal Investigator
Precision Public Health: Enhancing Connections to Develop Just-In-Time Adaptive Intervention Strategies Deborah Tate, PhD, co-Principal Investigator Carmina Valle, PhD, co-Principal Investigator

Round 4  (2016 – 2017)

Novel Tools to Track Land-Applied Biosolids Jill R. Stewart, PhD, Principal Investigator Michael D. Aitken, PhD, Co-Principal Investigator

Round 3  (2010 – 2012)

Staying One Step Ahead of Deadly Viruses Combating childhood diarrhea by designing "super antigens" Ralph Baric, PhD, Principal Investigator Eric Donaldson, PhD, Former Principal Investigator
Identifying Toxic Compounds "Body-on-a-Chip" offers an innovative alternative to traditional testing Rebecca Fry, PhD, Principal Investigator
Microfinance and Health Pilot program seeks to reduce HIV risk and partner violence in young men Suzanne Maman, PhD, Principal Investigator
Identifying Sources of Environmental Pollution Discovering where microbes originate can help to protect public health Jill Stewart, PhD, Principal Investigator

Round 2  (2009 – 2011)

Removing Nitrogen, Recovering Energy from Hog Waste Managing swine waste is crucial for protecting air and water in NC Mike Aitken, PhD, Principal Investigator
Innovative statistical approach to genetic association Danyu Lin, PhD, and Fred Wright, PhD, Principal Investigators
Getting Safe, Effective Drugs to Those Who Need Them Pharmacoepidemiology evaluates drug benefits and harms Til Stürmer, MD, MPH, Principal Investigator
A Seamless, Accessible, 21st-Century Global Classroom Tapping into the learning styles of "Millennials" can benefit public health education William Zelman, PhD, Principal Investigator

Round 1  (2008 – 2010)

Linking Local, Sustainable Farming and Health Can "eating local" address obesity, the environment and economic viability? Alice Ammerman, DrPH, Principal Investigator
Defeating Respiratory Disease in Children The search for an affordable, multivalent and stable vaccine Ralph Baric, PhD, Principal Investigator
Mapping Tropical Disease: A Most Critical First Step Laboratory for molecular surveillance of tropical diseases opens in the Congo Steve Meshnick, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator
Caring for the Mentally Ill in North Carolina A local challenge becomes research prototype Joseph Morrissey, PhD, Principal Investigator
Managing Disease Through Linking Data Hospital and ambulance services may provide the missing link David Richardson, PhD, Principal Investigator
Water-Testing for Contamination Goes Portable Detecting infectious disease at its source may save millions of lives Mark Sobsey, PhD, Principal Investigator
Technology to Improve Understanding of Arsenic Some drinking water is shockingly high in contamination Miroslav Styblo, PhD, Principal Investigator
Identifying Harmful Pollutants in City Air Worst pollutants often fly under the radar William Vizuete, PhD, Principal Investigator

Solicited Awards

(very occasional, direct awards to address a pressing problem; funded by Gillings gift)

Innovative Clinical Trials Laboratory Joseph Ibrahim, PhD, Principal Investigator Funded: 2007
WaterSHED (Carolina Global Water Partnership) Partnership with USAID Mark Sobsey, PhD, Principal Investigator Funded: 2007

Commissioned Innovation Labs

(modeled after GILs; funded by nonprofits or other outside sponsors)

Going the "Last Mile" to Ensure Drinking Water Safety UNC Water Institute Sponsored by IAMPO Jamie Bartram, PhD, Principal Investigator Funded: 2011
A Global Imperative: Healthy and Secure 0-2 Year Olds High-impact interventions can ensure the well-being of young children and their mothers Sponsored by ChildFund International Peggy Bentley, PhD, Principal Investigator Funded: 2010

10 years of Gillings Innovation Laboratories

10 years of Gillings Innovation Laboratories

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