It is possible to restrict Zoom sessions to only permit Authenticated UNC users to participate in the meeting. This requires all meeting participants to log in to their UNC Zoom Account before accessing the link to the meeting. This can be done either by visiting and logging in, or by opening the Zoom application on your computer and logging in there with SSO.  SPH IT recommends signing into the Zoom Application and setting it to automatically start when the computer turns on, so that your user account is always logged into Zoom and ready to go.

To enable this feature on your meeting, check the box for “Only Authenticated Users Can Join” when scheduling the meeting.

This image has an arrow pointing to the setting which allows for attendees to be limited to UNC users only.

This option is great if you know that all your meeting participants are UNC affiliates with ONYEN login capability. However, any guests from outside of UNC will not be able to join your meeting.

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