Hosts of meetings can control participant’s audio, video and attendance in a meeting or class.  Select the Manage Participants button on the Zoom toolbar, then perform one of following actions:

  • Remove the individual or place them on hold. Hover your cursor over the unwanted individual’s name. Click the More dropdown, then Remove or Put on Hold.
  • Mute or Stop Video of an individual user.

Hosts can also access Zoom Security settings from within a meeting.  Select the Security button on the Zoom Toolbar, which provides the option to do the following:

  • Lock Meeting – Prevent any new participants from joining
  • Enable Waiting Room
  • Allow/Disallow Participants to Screen Share
  • Allow/Disallow Participants to Chat
  • Allow/Disallow Participants to File Share
  • Allow/Disallow Participants to Rename Themselves

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