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Sections: Strategies for Teaching | Tools and Tips for Pre-recording Your Lectures | Other Resources

A number of classes this term will be either completely or partially remote. See the sections below for strategies and resources to help prepare your courses and to help teach effectively with remote technology.

Strategies for Teaching

This training document provides tips and strategies for your classes. It covers the topics that were identified as requiring the most support. Each topic also has a list of resources you might find helpful, as well as examples for some of the ideas presented.

Strategies for Teaching (PDF)

Topics Covered:

Tools and Tips for Pre-recording Your Lectures:

All faculty needing to share or record lectures online should use Zoom. Zoom allows for flexibility in location of recording, types of recording, closed captioning options and interactive meetings and classes. Listed below are some references and resources for optimizing your Zoom experiences.
Zoom Resources:

Video Conferencing and Recording Equipment Recommendations

Other Resources The Keep Teaching site has strategies, preparation info, and resources for teaching remotely, including info on Sakai and Zoom. CFE has organized a set of trainings on how to teach remotely with Sakai and Zoom, no registration required. Need help one-on-one? Book a time with our Instructional Design expert Amy Neaves, or are Canvas/Sakai expert, Andrew Ochs.

Sample Syllabus Text (Word Doc Format): Use these instruction sections in your syllabus to aid in student communication and set expectations.

Teaching from Home Checklist (PDF): Use this list of questions to help you plan for remote teaching.

Using Zoom for your class meetings or office hours? See how to share Zoom Cloud Recordings with Panopto.

Panopto the video hosting tool integrated into Sakai, is the best place to host and manage any video content you are self-producing and sharing in Sakai.