Sakai Workshop: Sakai - The Basics

Please join us for one of our two Sakai Basics workshops in December!

All workshops will take place in the Mayes Center (Rosenau 230) and are open to everyone. There’s no need to register ahead of time. Find a time that will work for you:

  • December 8th, 2 – 3 PM
  • December 13th, 11 AM – Noon

Workshop Agenda:

  1. An overview of the Sakai upgrade process and timing:
    • Sakai will be down on December 20th – possibly all day
    • Any work done in Sakai prior to the 20th will carry forward
    • When Sakai becomes available again, all existing sites will be in Sakai 11
    • Everything that worked in Sakai 10 will work in Sakai 11
  2. Tips for planning your spring course preparation and development:
    • You do NOT need to wait until after December 20th to create spring courses, do spring prep-work
    • How to take advantage of new Sakai 11 features
    • What students might need to know
  3. A basic introduction to Sakai
    • Logging into Sakai and the Sakai “Home” page.
    • How to create, find, and manage your sites.
    • What a new site looks like
    • The standard tools and how to use them
    • Student management
    • Some additional features and functionality that might be useful
    • Questions?

    If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.