Update: Warpwire to Panopto Migration Now Completed

Panopto has replaced Warpwire for media management and editing. All Warpwire content has now been migrated into Panopto. Panopto is the tool you will use to share that content in Sakai.

Important Notes:

  • Warpwire content has been migrated to the Panopto account of the Warpwire “owner”, generally whoever originally uploaded the content into Warpwire.
  • We recommend moving your migrated content out of the “Migrated Warpwire Videos” folder in Panopto and into the Panopto folder of the Sakai site you use the content in. This will make it easier to share that content with students.
  • If you have individually linked/embedded Warpwire videos in any Sakai site, we recommend replacing those Warpwire links/embeds with Panopto links/embeds BEFORE June 30.
  • See our demo video on finding and reusing your migrated Warpwire videos in Panopto.
  • If you are not able to replace your embedded Warpwire content before June 30th, go through your Sakai site and document the Warpwire videos embedded in your site. Document: 1) the Sakai site page the video is embedded on; 2) the title of the Warpwire video; 3) the Warpwire library the video is in. This will make it easier to replace them after the Warpwire license ends. See this screenshot for the three pieces of info to document for each embedded video.

Recording is available in Gillings classrooms and online using two tools: 

  • Zoom to record to the cloud
  • Panopto to store, edit, and share recordings 

Zoom recordings you make to the cloud automatically appear in your Panopto account, where you have full control of how to edit and share your recordings. Recordings persist in Panopto for two years after the last time they’re accessed. Zoom cloud recordings only persist in Zoom for 30 days, so Panopto is your best option for sharing recordings long-term.

Visit panopto.unc.edu to learn how link recordings of recurring Zoom meetings to Panopto folders and how to share those folders with students in Sakai or other audiences you choose.

Enhanced capabilities to support your work

With Panopto, you can:

Content Retention

  • Recordings persist in Panopto for two years after the last time they’re accessed.
  • Recordings only persist in Zoom for 30 days.

If you wish to save an older recording, you can download and save your recording before it is removed from servers. 

Beginning December 2016, Gillings implemented a two-year retention for lecture capture recordings, with older recordings to be archived and deleted. Moving forward, Gillings will align with campus content retention procedures; content will be retained for two years after last access.

Important Dates For Warpwire to Panopto Transition:

Date Change What It Means Next Steps
May 17, 2021
Warpwire integration with Sakai is disabled for all users.
Instructors can no longer make videos hosted in Warpwire available via a Sakai course site.
Learn about sharing video files stored in Panopto via your Sakai course site. If you plan to teach a Summer School course, consider making this transition well before the deadline.
May 17, 2021
File upload to Warpwire is disabled for all users.
New video content can no longer be uploaded to Warpwire.
Begin planning your transition from Warpwire to Panopto. If you plan to teach a Summer School course, consider making this transition well before the deadline.
June 7th, 2021
All Warpwire content available in Panopto
You can view, edit, and share your old Warpwire content from Panopto
You will access all Warpwire recordings from Panopto from this date forward. Begin replacing Warpwire links in Sakai with Panopto links. See our demo video on finding and reusing your migrated Warpwire videos in Panopto.
June 30, 2021
University’s contract with Warpwire expires.
You will no longer be able to access video content in Warpwire in any course. Links to videos stored in Warpwire will no longer be viable.
All video content that you wish to save should be removed from Warpwire and uploaded to Panopto (or some other video storage platform) before this date. Web links and Sakai links to content in Warpwire must be updated. Also see our demo video on finding and reusing your migrated Warpwire videos in Panopto.

Recording in our Sound Booth

Gillings offers use of a Sound Booth as a resource for recording audio, video, narrated slide presentations and other media content for course content. It is a small sound proof recording room with a microphone, high end webcam, lighting and a generic backdrop in Rosenau Hall Room 232. It includes a Teleprompter style monitor as well as a tablet for on screen annotation.

Services Offered

We primarily offer the Sound Booth as a self service tool to record multimedia content. We will support the recording process and ensure access to the content. Our editing capabilities are limited to academic content. We can offer help in instruction on how to edit content, share access, and upload to courses.

Recording Options

Stand Alone Audio/Video: You can record just audio or just video to create a media file (mp3 audio or mp4 video) to be used in a variety of ways. You can record Powerpoint slides, or record anything you present on the computer monitor for instance Excel Sheets or Word Files.

Video only example recorded in Panopto

Narrated slide Presentation: You can record your Powerpoint Presentation with an audio and or video additional window showing at the same time. Other options include slides and audio only. You can use Powerpoint drawing tools or the annotation tablet to make visual notations that will be recorded on the video.

Example of a Narrated Slide Presentation with Video in Panopto


We will use Panopto for sound booth recording and hosting. You can record your content and directly upload to your Panopto account for easy access. In Panopto you can edit and share with whoever you need to – as well as link to your Sakai course.


To schedule an appointment in the soundbooth, email sph-edtech@unc.edu with a summary of your project, including: length of content; at least 3 dates you can record; and a goal end date for the material to be available. We will contact you within 2 business days to finalize an appointment.

Using Old Lecture Capture Content

Mediasite lecture capture recordings made in classrooms from January 2018-December 2020 is available in Panopto. If you do not see a recording you need, contact sph_edtech@unc.edu.

IMPORTANT: The deadline (December 18, 2021) to request lecture capture recordings made prior to 2018 has passed. We are no longer accepting those requests. Only content two years old or less will be available in Panopto. 

Need help?

Zoom support: visit the Gillings Zoom webpage, email sph_av@unc.edu or call AV Services (919) 966-6536.

Panopto support: visit panopto.unc.edu or email sph-edtech@unc.edu