Please Note: Our lecture capture service is currently unavailable. All faculty needing to share or record lectures online should use Zoom.

We understand you may be familiar with our lecture capture technology, however, we made the difficult decision to NOT use it during our remote teaching transition because:

  1. We need to maximize social distancing and build remote teaching structures to account for the possibility that campus may close
  2. Lecture capture requires IT support in the physical classrooms, and we cannot do responsible social distancing with this approach
  3. Lecture capture is NOT supported by ITS, COOL, and the Center for Faculty Excellence; Zoom IS supported.
  4. Lecture capture recordings do NOT have closed captions; Zoom recordings do.

Lecture capture does NOT offer interactivity; Zoom does.

For all these reasons, we are going with Zoom and not lecture capture. We will have more support available for everyone with this approach.

The Soundbooth in Rosenau 232, for audio recording, is also NOT available to be booked at this time.