Video Conferencing Services

About Us

We provide two-way interactive video conferencing technology using Internet Protocol (IP) Video for both multi-point and point-to-point sessions. Our W. Fred Mayes Telecommunication Center, located in Rosenau Room 230, is our primary location to originate and receive video conference content. The 30-seat classroom facility and its adjacent control room are equipped with multiple cameras, controls and plasma screens to capture and display instructors and students as well as their computer applications and overhead material. 

Our secondary location is located in the Moorehead Conference Room 231.  This smaller location seats 1-4 individuals and is equipped with only one camera & one table microphone for basic videoconferencing.


Video Conferencing

To schedule a video conference, please call the video conference scheduler at (919) 843 – 4149 for available dates.  Once you’ve received the dates, please complete the reservation form that can be found by clicking the link below: 

Video Conference Reservation Form

For more information about video conferencing, contact O.J. McGhee, Manager, Instructional Media Services.