Fileshare information

Fileshare information
IIS is transitioning local SPH shared file storage (the H: drive and similar) to campus-based storage space hosted by ITS, and will be retiring the aging hardware currently in use at SPH. This transition will happen largely behind the scenes, and should not result in any loss of access or data since the data will be synchronized before the move.

Shares will be synchronized before moving, and clients will be alerted the day before the change is made. The actual move should be nearly instantaneous. The process is as follows:
  1. We will alert the department leads 2 days in advance with a list of the targets shares to be moved, and the people who currently have access to those shares.
  2. The day before the move, all clients who have access to the target shares will be warned that the share will be migrated and that they should not leave any documents from those locations open during the move itself
  3. The new and old locations will be synched multiple times during the day.
  4. The evening of the move, and alert will go out an hour in advance that the share is moving and everyone really definitely should close down documents in those locations
  5. Another synch of the data will be done
  6. The links will be swapped. This will take approx. 1 minute.
  7. A final synch of the data will be done.
  8. The old location will be taken offline.
This process should be entirely invisible to the clients. If a client disregards direction and does leave a document open, any unsaved changes to that document will not be saved. This is why it is important to make sure that there are no documents open during the swap.
Macintosh users will need to re-map connections to the new location, as they can not follow the symbolic links like windows users can. If you use a Macintosh to connect to the shares in the h: drive, please submit a ticket to end user support, and they will help you map to the shares.
Last updated June 23, 2011