All videos recorded AFTER October 15, 2020, will automatically be saved in the campus lecture capture video management platform. We encourage users to download any material before that date as soon as possible.

1. Access your recorded meeting by logging into your Zoom account and navigating to My Recordings.

2. Select the meeting in the “Topic” column to identify the recording you’d like to download by clicking the meeting link.
Zoom screen shot

3. Download your recording by clicking the “Download (3 files)” button. The following will download to your computer’s Download folder:

  • Complete Video/Audio (MP4 file)
  • Audio Only (M4A file)
  • Transcripts (M3U playlist file)
Zoom screen shot

4. Retrieve your downloaded recording and manually move it to your desired folder or storage.

How to Manually Upload to Lecture Capture.

Due to space limitations, Gillings Cloud Recorded files are stored on a short-term basis and can be accessed for up to only 30 days. At that time, your recorded file will be automatically deleted. Alerts and reminders will not be sent to users.

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