General Tips for Successful Remote Conferencing Whether you are using Zoom or another web conferencing platform, there are a few things you can do to help ensure good quality communication. Use a good quality internet connection. You need to have a fast internet connection in order to assure consistent audio quality and for any use… Read more »

For instructors using Poll Everywhere in the classroom who want to give credit for polling responses, students must do a two-step process to set up their Poll Everywhere accounts. Step 1: Set-up UNC-affiliated Poll Everywhere Account If you do NOT have a Poll Everywhere account: Use the form at the following URL to create your… Read more »

What is Warpwire? Warpwire is a video hosting tool available to use in any Sakai course site. It allows you to upload video files of just about any format into Sakai and share with anyone in your course. You can also create live and/or recorded webcam video. If you are using the Lessons tool, you… Read more »

Have you heard of “Course Hero?” Course Hero is a website that advertises itself as a way for students to “master” their classes. It’s one of a handful of websites that allow students to upload notes from classes they have taken, and access notes other students have uploaded. Similar sites include Study Soup and One… Read more »

FERPA Compliance: Public recordings cannot capture any student identifying data (including images, names and voices) without express written consent from the students (we have a media release form for you to use to get consent). Visit Rice University’s FERPA and Lecture Capture FAQs for more details. Who can record the meeting? By default, only the… Read more »

The SPH Instructional Technology Group holds a variety of events each semester to support faculty, staff, and students in teaching with technology. No events currently scheduled. More upcoming events coming soon.

This semester, the Instructional Technology Group is running a pilot in which recorded lectures can be delivered to a Sakai course and the only people who can see the recording are people enrolled in the Sakai course – even if a link is forwarded to someone not in the course. Making the link private to… Read more »

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