The Institute for Environmental Health Solutions uses data-driven strategies to protect people who are particularly vulnerable to environmentally influenced disease. Meet our team members:


Rebecca Fry, PhD

Lisa SmeesterLisa Smeester, PhD
Program Manager

Division Heads

Cancer Survivors’ Health
Hazel Nichols, PhD

Mirek Styblo

Metabolic Health
Mirek Styblo, PhD

Dr. Tracy Manuck

Perinatal Health
Tracy Manuck, MD, MS

Ilona Jaspers

Respiratory Health
Ilona Jaspers, PhD

Community Engagement
Kathleen Gray, PhD

Technology Development
William Vizuete, PhD

Administrative Support

Debra Simone
Executive Assistant

Kriste Smith
Business Manager

Members and Affiliates

Lauren Eaves, PhD, IBCLC
Research Scientist

Paul Lanier, PhD
Associate Professor

Kun Lu, PhD
Associate Professor

Julia Rager, PhD
Assistant Professor

Visiting Scholars

Jonathan Freedman, PhD