Ibrahim Awarded NCI Grant

July 26, 2005
Joseph Ibrahim, Professor of Biostatistics, has won a competing renewal grant from the National Cancer Institute. This grant is titled “Inference in Regression Models with Missing Covariates” and will be funded for four years. Total dollar amount for 3 years is $608,976. This grant includes a subcontract to Ming-Hui Chen at the University of Connecticut and Stuart Lipstiz at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.The objective of this project is to examine the following research problems: (1) Model Identifiability and Posterior Propriety for Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) with Ignorably and Nonignorably Missing Covariates; (2) Model Assessment and Sensitivity Analyses in Missing Data Problems; (3) Theory and Inverence for the Cox Regression Model with Missing Covariates; and (4) Semiparametric and Nonparametric Specification of the Covariate Distribution and Missing Data Mechanism.

For further information please contact Cory Hughes by email at chughes@bios.unc.edu