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The latest information on costs for the DrPH program can be found by visiting the most current Tuition and Fee Rates document, found under the Charges for Attendance heading on the University Finance Division web site. DrPH students pay by the credit hour, so the total tuition and fees will change depending on the number of credit hours taken in any semester.

Scroll down to the School of Public Health Off Campus Programs section of the document.

The 2018-2019 tuition and fees per credit hour is as follows:

DrPH in Health Policy and Leadership

CostsResident Non-Resident
Total$765.97 $1,571.97
Tuition$742.00 $1,548.00
Fees$23.97 $23.97

Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change each year.

Other Costs

Note that students who enter the program without a MPH/MSPH from an accredited school of public health must take an additional 3-credit hour core public health course.

In addition to tuition, students will need computers, web cameras and headsets that conform to program specifications. Students will also be responsible for travel expenses related to their three annual visits to campus. An overseas trip or a trip to a site outside North Carolina will replace one of the required on-campus visits over the two years of required coursework.

If you are in the military, the University’s military tuition benefit is described here.

Contact Information

Admission Questions
Kim Sieler, Assistant Registrar
DrPH, Executive Master’s and Certificate Programs
919-966-7364 (voice)
919-843-4980 (fax)

Program Questions
Pam Silberman, DrPH
DrPH Program Director

Residency Questions
Lynnette Jones, Registrar
Student Services Manager

Jackie Siler, Assistant Registrar
Residential Master’s and BSPH Programs

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