BSPH Learning Environment

The Supportive Learning Environment We Create

The small size of the program, coupled with faculty and staff commitment to student success helps create a very supportive learning environment – one of the strengths of our program.

Each spring we conduct an Exit Survey with graduating seniors. Below are highlights reflecting the quality of the learning environment in the program.

  • 91.3% of students strongly agreed with the statement, “The BSPH program faculty and staff are genuinely concerned about my well-being and success.”
Program Director Melanie Studer with BSPH students

“The faculty’s commitment to students’ success is the true value of the BSPH program. I felt like the professors really wanted to see me succeed and would go out of their way to help a struggling student.”

“As a student, I really felt like the faculty and staff’s #1 goal was helping me succeed. Along with the open door policy and unscheduled talks, professors made a personal investment in students. They got to know the student outside of the classroom as well. This holistic understanding of the student helped the professors better respond to student needs.”

“In the HPM program, students are so close to faculty and staff that questions and concerns are taken seriously and addressed almost immediately. I have always felt like the program director and faculty care about my input and genuinely want students to have what they need in the program.”

“The staff/faculty of the BSPH program is one of its strongest assets. The open door policy of all staff and faculty are conducive to developing personal relationships with students. I have walked into numerous offices without prior scheduling to speak about my schoolwork or other concerns. Each time the faculty made time to listen to me and provide useful guidance.”

“The faculty is one of my favorite parts about the program. They are so genuine and loving! They really helped create a family atmosphere that was perfect for learning.”

“I am so grateful for the interest that the faculty and staff take in me, my well-being, and my success.”

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