Students value the MPH education

Approximately 20-25% of UNC medical students currently pursue the Health Care and Prevention MPH. While students appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of this additional education, it is often not until they are immersed in the coursework that they realize the true value. Hear what students said toward the end of their MPH year: View... Read more »

Student testimonials

  Will Poe, MPH 2011-2012:   “The most common questions I get from colleagues as well as people outside medicine are ‘why I did an MPH’ and ‘what I got out of it’. Why I did an MPH At a macroscopic level, the one word answer to the first question is context. After three years... Read more »

Apply to the Health Care and Prevention Program***

***Beginning in Fall 2019, the Health Care and Prevention (HC&P) track will be called the Population Health and Clinicians concentration. We are currently in the process of updating the website to reflect these new changes. Check out more program details and information about how to apply to the Population Health and Clinicians concentration via our Gillings Program Search (GPS) for prospective... Read more »

Health Care and Prevention MPH comprehensive examination

Background. Every master’s degree candidate is required to demonstrate mastery of his or her field — hence the name of the degree — either through a comprehensive exam (oral, written, or both) or through an alternative departmental or curricular assessment procedure by the Administrative Board of the Graduate School. This requirement of demonstrated mastery is... Read more »

Tutorial on plagiarism and citing sources

The UNC Health Sciences Library has created a new online tutorial that informs students about plagiarism, instructs students on the proper way to cite sources, discusses the use of paraphrasing, quotations, and common knowledge, and outlines the ramifications of not upholding the honor code when citing sources. “Plagiarism and Citing Sources” is available at

HC&P featured in Academic Medicine article

The Health Care and Prevention program is featured in an article in the April 2008 issue of Academic Medicine (Vol. 83, No. 4 / April 2008, pp. 371-377). “The MD-MPH Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” authored by Russell Harris, Linda Kinsinger, Sue Tolleson-Rinehart, Anthony Viera, and Georgette Dent, describes the... Read more »

Reader's guide to the HC&P Master's Paper

We appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to serve as a Master’s Paper reader. In order to give all readers a common starting point, we have developed these basic guidelines for reading and evaluating the Health Care and Prevention (HC&P) Master’s Paper. A. Purpose of Master’s Paper Most important, the Master’s Paper should... Read more »

Health Care and Prevention Track

HC&P students and graduates highly value their MPH education. Read and view comments from recent students. The HC&P MPH curriculum can be completed in 12 months if students enroll in a full-time program of study. It may also be spread out over a longer period of time and completed on a part-time basis; however, it... Read more »

HC&P Program History

After two years of fruitful discussions between the Schools of Medicine and Public Health concerning the need for MPH training specifically tailored for students with medical and clinical backgrounds, and with strong support from the deans of both schools, the Health Care and Prevention (HC&P) MPH concentration admitted its first class of eighteen students in... Read more »


1. Should I pursue an MPH? 2. If yes to #1, when should I pursue the MPH? 3. If I decide to pursue an MPH during my time at UNC School of Medicine, which MPH program should I choose? 4. What is the coursework like in the MPH program? 5. What is a Master’s Paper?... Read more »