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Health behavior doctoral dissertations and the abstracts completed since 2006 are made available online in the Carolina Digital Repository.The tables here list graduates, dissertation titles and advisers for students by year of graduation. Links are added here when they become available. Some lag time is normal for the process.

2018 Dissertations

2018 Doctoral Graduates
Dissertation Title
Gabriela Arandia
Understanding Relationships between Child Care Workers’ Eating Habits and Spatial Access to Food Outlets around Workers’ Homes, Workplaces, and along Commutes abstract
Laura Linnan
Michael Close
Identifying and Describing Segments of Office Workers by Activity Patterns: Associations with Demographic Characteristics, Levels of Physical Activity, and Body Mass Index abstract
Leslie Lytle
Sarah Kowitt
Do Neighborhood Characteristics Matter for Older Adults Living in Primarily Rural Neighborhoods, and If So, How and for Whom? abstract
Edwin Fisher
Cara Person
Resilience and Vulnerability Factors Associated with Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence by Multiple Abusive Partners: A Mixed Methods Study (abstract not yet available)
Beth Moracco
Parth Shah
The Role of Pharmacy in HPV Vaccination of US Adolescents abstract
Noel Brewer
Yael Symes
Smoking cessation in cancer survivors: Exploring psychosocial wellbeing, beliefs about smoking, and e-cigarette use abstract
Shelley Golden
Laura Villa Torres
Living undocumented: an ethnographic study of the mental health and well-being of undocumented Mexican migrant men abstract
Clare Barrington

2017 Dissertations

2017 Doctoral Graduates
Dissertation Title
Andre L. Brown
Opportunity Matters: A mixed-methods study of socioeconomic status, masculinity, and concurrency among black men Abstract
Wizdom Powell
Leslie Cofie
A Mixed Methods Study of Social Network Characteristics and Health Facility Delivery Among Women in Rural Ghana Abstract
Clare Barrington
Marissa Hall
Understanding the Role of Reactance to Pictorial Warnings on Cigarette Packs Abstract
Noel Brewer
Lauren Hill
Mental Health and Sexual Risk Behaviors Among Social Networks of Young Tanzanian Men Abstract
Vivian Go and Suzanne Maman
Catherine L. Jo
The Effect of E-cigarette Print Advertisements on Smoking Cessation Abstract
Kurt M. Ribisl
Marta Malawa
A Mixed Methods Study of Intimate Partner Violence Among Men in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Abstract
Suzanne Mamman
Jennifer Morgan
Social Interactions about Pictorial Cigarette Pack Warnings Abstract
Noel Brewer
Allison Schmidt
Psychological Health and Smoking in Young Adulthood: Smoking Trajectories and Responsiveness to State Cigarette Excise Taxes Abstract
Shelley Golden

2016 Dissertations

2016 Doctoral Graduates
Dissertation Title
Christine Agnew-Brune
“It’s a bad thing … but it’s a good thing too:” A mixed methods examination of technology use and cyber dating abuse perpetration in adolescent romantic relationships. Abstract
Clare Barrington, PhD
Melissa Cox
Examining bidirectional relationships between parental socialization behaviors and adolescent alcohol misuse across early and middle adolescence. Abstract
Susan Ennett, PhD
Meridith Eastman
Profiles of reactivity to bullying victimization: Genetic and family environment predictors.Abstract
Vangie Foshee , PhD
Jaimie Hunter
Depression, diabetes, and social support. Abstract
Edwin Fisher, PhD
Allison Myers
Examining the relationships between mass media messages, public opinion, and point-of-sale tobacco control policy implementation in the United States. Abstract
Leslie Lytle, PhD
Brooke T. Nezami
Healthy weight behaviors and weight change in parents and preschool-aged children. Abstract
Deborah Tate, PhD
Tamara Taggart
Religiosity, racial identity, and sexual initiation among Black American adolescents. Abstract
Eugenia Eng, DrPH

2015 Dissertations

2014 Doctoral Graduates
Dissertation Title
Heather D'Angelo
An Examination of community and consumer tobacco and food retail environments. Abstract
Kurt Ribisl, PhD
Melissa Crane
Improving men's health through weight control: randomized trials testing recruitment messages and a novel weight loss intervention. Abstract
Deborah Tate, PhD
Paul Fleming
The role of masculine gender norms in HIV vulnerability among Dominican men enrolled in a circumcision feasibility trial. Abstract
Clare Barrington, PhD
Jaimie Hunter
Depression, diabetes, and social support. Abstract
Edwin Fisher, PhD
Joseph Lee
Relationship between sexual minority couples and tobacco retailer density and marketing. Abstract
Kurt Ribisl, PhD
Jennifer Moss
Concomitant adolescent vaccination: the influence of seasonal variation, school requirements, and patient-provider communication. Abstract
Noel Brewer, PhD
Larry Scholl
Parenting for the learner stage of graduated driver licensing. Abstract
Susan Ennet, PhD
Angela Stover
One size does not fit all: predicting subgroups of breast cancer survivors who report different physical activity and sedentary behavior patterns from pre-diagnosis to ten years post-diagnosis. Abstract
Christine Rini, PhD

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