Meet Hiba F.

We at Research, Innovation and Global Solutions, interviewed Hiba F. about her professional background prior to Gillings, her PhD program in the Department of Maternal and Child Health, her Map the System project, and what drew her to Gillings.

Hiba F.

Hiba F.

What was your background before enrolling in the PhD program at Gillings?

Before starting my PhD, I worked as the evaluation coordinator at the UNC MCH Workforce Development Center.

Could you tell us about your interest in maternal and child health?

As a feminist, I believe all women should be able to utilize the highest quality of care possible. I hope to contribute to this effort as a doctoral student and beyond.

Will you tell us about your work with decolonizing global health?

Global health can perpetuate colonialist structures and mindsets unless we are intentional with and critical of our work. I look forward to collaborating with peers at UNC to learn more about these efforts and contributing to them.

What drew you to the Gillings School of Global Public Health?

There is strong support for the study of implementation science here. I feel lucky to work under the mentorship of my advisor, Dr. Herbert Peterson.

What are you looking forward to?

My team and I, “Illuminating SPARCS for Maternal Health Equity in NC”, won first place at UNC’s Map the System competition! We will be competing at the global stage at Oxford this summer. Our topic focuses on maternal health outcomes in North Carolina.