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Course #Course TitleCreditsFacultySemesterSkills-Based or Topic-BasedPrerequisites and Requirements
ENVR 525 (Formerly ENVR 682)Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Global Health3FisherFallSkills-Based
ENVR 610 (Formerly ENVR 890-005)Global Perspectives on Environmental Health InequalitiesWoodsFall (not Fall 2024)Topic-Based
ENVR 705 (PUBH 705)One Health: Philosophy to Practical3Sackey-HarrisFallTopic-Based
ENVR 755Analysis of Water Resource Systems3CharacklisFallSkills-BasedPermission of the instructor required for nonmajors
HBEH 510Equity, Ethics & Engagement3PolstonFall (not Fall 2024)Topic-Based
HBEH 520Introduction to Global Health3Baron, Maman, VillarrealFallTopic-Based
HBEH 754Advanced Qualitative Methods in Health Behavior and Research3BarringtonFall (not Fall 2024)Skills-BasedPrerequisite HBEH 753 or equivalent.
HBEH 861Global Mental Health3FisherFallTopic-Based
HPM 565 (PLCY 565)Global Health Policy3MeierFallTopic-Based
HPM 715Health Economics for Policy and Management3TemplinFallSkills-Based
MHCH 722Global Maternal Child Health3OngechiFallTopic-Based
MHCH 780Cultural Humility1OngechiFallRequired for Global Health MPH Concentration.
MHCH 785Decolonizing Maternal and Child Health Research: Theory and Qualitative Methods3FallTopic-Based
NURS 625Global and Interprofessional Approaches to Solve Complex Cases3Baker, Nance-FloydFall (not Fall 2022)Skills-Based
NUTR 250Global Sustainable Food SystemsTaillieFall
PLCY 565 (HPM 565)Global Health Policy3MeierFallTopic-Based
PUBH 705 (ENVR 705)One Health: Philosophy to Practical Integration1-3Sackey-Harris, StewartFallTopic-Based
PUBH 711Critical Issues in Global Health3Ahsan, ExcellentFallTopic-BasedRequired for Global Health MPH Concentration.
PUBH 714Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs 3AhsanFallSkills-BasedN/A
SOWO 881Development Theory and Practice in Global Settings3ChowaFallSkills-Based
ANTH 319Global Health3SorensenSpring
ENVR 275/775Global Climate Change: Interdisciplinary Perspectives1WestSpringTopic-BasedPass/Fail Only
ENVR 685Water and Sanitation Planning and Policy in Less Developed Countries3Sinha, WhittingtonSpring (Alternating; 2023)Topic-BasedPermission of instructor required.
ENVR 785 (PLAN 785, PLCY 785)Public Investment Theory3WhittingtonSpring (Alternating; 2025)Skills-BasedPrerequisites: EPID 710 and BIOS 600
ENVR 789International Field Research2TomaroSpringSkills-Based
ENVR 989Environmental Crisis Management3Stuart, Vizuete, WoodsSummerSkills-BasedRequired for Global Health MPH Concentration.
EPID 785Environmental Epidemiology3EngelSpring (Alternating; 2024)Topic-Based
GLBL 483HComparative Health SystemsJohnsonSpring (not Spring 2024)See requirements in ConnectCarolina.
HBEH 690Homeless and Public Health1WilsonSpringTopic-Based
HBEH 753Qualitative Methods in Health Behavior3Maman, HillSpringSkills-BasedPrerequisites: HBEH 750 and CITI Human Subjects Training.
HBEH 756Social and Peer Support in Health: An Ecological and Global Perspective3FisherSpringTopic-Based
HBEH 780Program Planning and Proposal Development for Global HealthRosenbergSpringRequired for Global Health MPH Concentration.
HPM 571 (PLCY 570)Health & Human Rights3MeierSpringTopic-Based
MHCH 680Global Sexual and Reproductive Health1SpeizerSpringTopic-Based
MHCH 664Globalization and Health3TBASpringTopic-Based
MHCH 716International Family Planning and Reproductive Health3Curtis, TumlinsonSpring (not Spring 2024)Topic-BasedPermission of instructor for non-majors.
MHCH 723Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation3Ahsan, Watson-GrantSpringSkills-BasedRequired for MCFH and Global Health MPH Concentrations.
MHCH 729Implementation Science for Global Maternal and Child Health3Peterson, HaidarSpringPrerequisite: MHCH 728 or equivalent course.
MHCH 862Maternal and Child Health Program Evaluation3AngelesSpringSkills-BasedPrerequisites: Knowledge of SAS or STATA, MHCH 713 or equivalent. Permission required for 1st yr doctoral students, non-majors and master’s students.
NUTR 745International Nutrition3AdairFallTopic-Based
PLCY 570 (HPM 571)Health & Human Rights3MeierSpringTopic-Based
PUBH 420/720The Pandemic Course: HIV and COVID1Strauss, HurtSpringTopic-Based
PUBH 710Introduction to Global Health Ethics 1FlemingSpringTopic-BasedRequired for Global Health MPH Concentration.
PUBH 714Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs3SamandariSummerSkills-Based
PUBH 725AIDS: Principles and Policies1ExcellentSummer I
PUBH 890-001Special Topics in Public Health Leadership Course - Applying Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Leadership in Public Health Practice1ExcellentFallSkills-Based
PUBH 890-002Public Health and Migration: Persistent Discussions and Emerging Issues1Villa TorresSpringTopic-BasedIf interested, please email
ANTH 623Human Disease Ecology3SorensenSpringTopic-Based
NUTRGlobal, Healthy, Sustainable Food SystemsTBDTaillie, Lindsey SmithFallTopic-Based
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