Below are resources to help students interested in global health careers, mentoring, and getting involved in leadership roles. The Career Resources section provides information on career development and support materials to assist students interested in pursuing a career in global health. The Global Alumni Mentors section offers current Gillings School students the opportunity to connect with alumni and receive one-on-one mentorship for those interested in global health careers in the academic, government, private and non profit sectors. In the Get Involved section, students looking to network with other students at UNC and within the Gillings School can find information on different ways to get involved.

Career Resources

  • Research, Innovation and Global Solutions offers global health career advising and mentoring- email us to schedule an appointment.
  • Research, Innovation and Global Solutions is piloting a new program, “Global Alumni Mentors.” Contact our selected alumni who work in global health to receive mentoring under our Global Alumni Mentors tab.
  • Research, Innovation and Global Solutions publishes This Week in Global Health,which lists job and internship opportunities.
  • The Gillings School’s WellConnected site is an online community where job opportunities are posted by UNC Gillings alumni.
  • The Gillings School’s Office of Student Affairs offers helpful information on job searches and opportunities.
  • University Career Services offers comprehensive assistance to undergraduates.

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Global Alumni Mentors

This program is only offered to current UNC Gillings students.

How the Global Alumni Mentors program works:

  1. Use the map or departmental list below to find mentors that most closely match your interests (see map directions below)
  2. Contact the mentor via email. Share information about yourself. The more you share, the more potential points of connection and conversation there will be. (Helpful suggestions below on what to include)
    • Background (where you are from, degree you are seeking, department)
    • Why you are contacting them (mention either their work or their country expertise)
    • What you hope to gain out of mentoring
    • Ask some questions to help engage the mentor
  3. Once the mentor replies and agrees to be your mentor, set up a time to talk over coffee, tea, Skype, etc.

Select for the Global Alumni Mentors List By Department

Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Health Policy and Management

Select for the Global Alumni Mentors Map - search for mentors by keyword, region and/or country

Map Directions:

The map below is a tool that allows you to search for Global Health Alumni Mentors by keyword, region and/or country. In order to best use this tool, please note several things:

  • The mentors have been placed in different locations based off of their countries and regions of expertise: look for their job descriptions to see where they currently work.
  • When you click on a dot, it may include more than one person: look for the numbers in the upper right corner of the box to find additional persons in that area.
  • The mentors’ names may appear more than once if they have expertise in several different locations.
  • The mentors in the “empty” category (purple dot) are categorized this way only because they listed a specific country and not a region
  • Some mentors have listed broad regions that they work in and these can be differentiated by color as well as the key beneath the map

Gillings students may contact the mentors directly.
GGG_global_mentors_mapThe Gillings School offers a list of volunteer Global Alumni Mentors as a service to current students. The Gillings School does not make representations about the qualifications of Global Alumni Mentors or any assistance they may offer to students. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Gillings School are not responsible for interactions or communications between Global Alumni Mentors and students. Any questions or concerns about the Global Alumni Mentors program should be directed to Naya Villarreal, Program Coordinator, 919-843-5491.

The Global Health Alumni Mentors program is in its early stages of development. To learn more about becoming a global mentor, please email

Get Involved

Student Groups

  • The Student Global Health Committee (SGHC) is a student-run global health organization in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. SGHC is an organization committed to creating awareness and understanding of international health issues among the UNC community through education, advocacy, and service.
  • GlobeMed at UNC aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.
  • A Drink For Tomorrow combats the global water crisis through awareness and direct action.
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB-USA) UNC-CH Chapter is a student organization founded for the purpose of facilitating UNC student involvement in international engineering and health projects organized or approved by EWB-USA.
  • The Honduran Health Alliance is an international alliance of organizations that work with UNC’s School of Medicine and Gillings School of Global Public Health students to help with a women’s health project in Choluteca, Honduras.
  • Nourish International’s Nourish UNC works to address systems of poverty and inequality by avoiding traditional forms of aid that only perpetuate them.
  • The Refugee Health Initiative serves the health and wellness needs of the refugee population in the Research Triangle area.


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