Program Overview
Mentor the next generation of global health professionals

A pilot mentorship program for 1 year with current Gillings global health first-year students and matching them with a Gillings global health professional alum.

A global mentor is a Gillings alum whose background is in global health who has volunteered to participate in this pilot program as a trusted counselor or advisor. An individual becomes a mentor when they have requested to be matched with a mentee.

A mentee is a first-year global health concentration student seeking assistance, knowledge, or guidance in the field of global health. An individual becomes a mentee by requesting a mentor through this pilot program.

The mentor/mentee relationship lasts for 10 months. The pilot program will roughly run from October through early/mid-August.

Our values:

  • Transparency and openness
  • Integrity and trustworthiness
  • Respect for difference
  • Inclusive
  • Build relationships
  • Help each other thrive

Program goals:

  • Provide professional support and networking
  • Prepare global health-focused students for professional global health roles
  • Help build relationships and a mentoring culture across the global health program at Gillings
  • Engage our global health alums


The mentor/mentee relationship is a mutual commitment and is mutually beneficial. It requires honesty, openness, trust, and confidentiality. The relationship must provide a safe growth environment where both use good judgment concerning confidential information. Meeting frequency and length of time over 10 months will be discussed and agreed upon by both mentor and mentee.

Both mentor and mentee:

  • Agree on objectives, goals and developmental needs
  • Define and establish a plan to accomplish mentee goals
  • Meet regularly to review and evaluate progress
  • Commit to a 10-month mentorship, although it may be extended through a mutual agreement on an informal basis
  • Agree to a list of expectations described in this document
  • Watch training videos prior to the program start
  • Participate in regular surveys to assist the global health team with evaluation of the program at the end of the 10 months

The mentor:

  • Represent the mentorship program values above
  • Facilitate positive connections to the organization and Gillings as a whole
  • Listen actively
  • Recommend developmental activities
  • Suggest and provide resources
  • Communicate experiences and challenges
  • Serve as a role model, offering advice and counsel, and providing candid feedback to the mentee

The mentee:

  • Identify goals and developmental needs, and draft mentorship agreement for discussion with mentor
  • Ask questions and practice active listening
  • Schedule mentorship meetings and set agendas
  • Prepare for each mentoring session
  • Share ongoing career planning and development
  • Be open to the mentor’s suggestions
  • Keep the lines of communication open
  • Demonstrate progress toward fulfillment of goals

Mentorship Training Videos and Articles

We are requesting everyone who is selected for the pilot program completes the module or reads the article that fits their role.

Mentor/Mentee Applications Currently Closed