Five Questions with David Hill

David Hill hits the high notes.


David in action at a tribute concert. (Photo credit: Beth Johnson)

David in action at a rock tribute concert. (Photo credit: Beth Johnson)

Name: David Hill
Position: Technical support analyst, Department of Biostatistics
Years at Gillings: 10


What I do at Gillings (and why I love it): I support computing services for the biostatistics department. Basically, I monitor our servers and help end users with their desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

I like my job because I get to help people and I interact with new personalities all the time. Every day tends to be different.


I’m originally from: Chapel Hill. I was born in Arizona but raised here, and I graduated from Chapel Hill High School. I always thought I’d move away. I did make it as far as California once, but between the economic downturn and the events of 9/11, that didn’t work out. Apple acquired the start-up I was working for and they only took the engineers, so I packed up and came back home. I’m not planning to leave again – I’m married with a son now, and this is a great place to raise a family.


My favorite movie is: Friday, with Ice Cube. I love comedies, and that’s an old favorite from my college days. Actually, I just got together with a bunch of friends to watch it because there’s a sequel coming out soon. If it gets shown in theaters, we’re going to rent a party bus and make a big night out of it.


If someone wants to start a conversation with me, they should ask about: my family. I have a son who is six going on 16. He keeps my wife and I busy! He knows everything already and he’s always brutally honest.

I’m also the lead singer of an arena rock tribute band. We cover songs from Boston, Journey, Styx, Kansas… and yes, I can hit those notes, believe it or not! Our website is I’m the second-youngest guy in the group; most of our members are in their fifties and were around when all those bands were huge.


If I had $5 million, I would: pay off any debt I have, give some money to family and then buy a house in Myrtle Beach. I was never a big beach person until I met my wife, and she loves it so much that it won me over. These days, I enjoy spending a whole day just sitting by the water. My son loves the beach as well, so the whole family would be happy relaxing in the sand.


David was nominated by Britt Clampitt, a public communications specialist in the biostatistics department. She said: “David’s role means he helps people throughout the department. He’s very personable!”