Basic Epidemiology Training Packages

These training packages developed by the North Carolina Institute for Public Health are designed to be used as a face-to-face training tool for trainers. The packages include materials such as PowerPoint™ presentations with detailed speaker’s notes and guided discussion questions with suggested answers. The materials can be completed in a series of 1 to 1.5... Read more »

P is for Practice

  Updated in 2016, P is for Practice is a case study-based training series developed by the North Carolina Institute for Public Health to allow non-epidemiologists to practice basic epidemiology skills and public health concepts, including: Outbreak investigation Risk communication Vulnerable populations Common epidemiological study designs Evidence-based decision making The course contains realistic scenarios and... Read more »

I is for Investigation

  Updated in 2013, the I is for Investigation training series was developed by the North Carolina Institute for Public Health and contains seven modules that use case studies to examine the concepts of an outbreak investigation: Recognizing an Outbreak Study Design Designing Questionnaires Interviewing Techniques Analyzing Data Writing an Outbreak Report Risk and Crisis... Read more »

E is for Epidemiology

  Welcome to the second edition of the E is for Epi training series developed by the North Carolina Institute for Public Health to introduce non-epidemiologists to the basic concepts of epidemiology. This edition is updated from content developed in 2005. The course contains five modules that provide an introduction to the basics of epidemiology:... Read more »

FOCUS on Field Epidemiology en Español

FOCUS on Field Epidemiology es un periódico con una approximación práctica y atractiva a variados temas en epidemiología de campo. Este puede ser usado: para auto estudio como herramienta de enseñanza para monitores de campo para complementar seminarios o entrenamientos intramurales. Cada edición presenta una revisión del tema con ejemplos, ilustraciones útiles, recursos adicionales y... Read more »

FOCUS on Field Epidemiology

FOCUS on Field Epidemiology was published as a bi-monthly e-periodical from 2003-2008 and covers topics from determining whether to investigate an outbreak to advanced data analysis. Each issue of FOCUS is accompanied by a PowerPoint® presentation and discussion questions that may be used as face-to-face teaching tools for trainers. The complete FOCUS on Field Epidemiology... Read more »

ERIC Notebook

ERIC Notebook was published as an e-periodical from 1999-2008 by the Epidemiologic Research and Information Center (ERIC) at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Durham, NC, in collaboration with the Department of Epidemiology at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. Its aim was to provide education in epidemiological methods as well as content... Read more »


Diversity and Inclusion At the Gillings School, diversity and inclusion mean we welcome, value and learn from individual differences and perspectives. By cultivating inclusion within the School, we better prepare our students, faculty and staff for the diverse world that awaits them. A globally-interconnected world needs culturally competent people to serve as its leaders. Diversity and... Read more »

NC Partnership for Excellence in Applied Epidemiology

The North Carolina Partnership for Excellence in Applied Epidemiology was established in 2018. This partnership is an applied public health research, educational and practice collaboration between the North Carolina Division of Public Health, Communicable Disease Branch and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the Department of Epidemiology and the North Carolina Institute for... Read more »

Malawi -The Warm Heart of Africa

Marie-Josèphe Horner, PhD Student Department of Epidemiology February 24, 2016 Malawi is called the Warm Heart of Africa, and I can see why: its people are kind-hearted and friendly, and although resources are scarce people are generous with what they have. Malawi has a rugged beauty I haven’t seen anywhere else. The wonders of nature... Read more »