Thank you for your interest in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering’s (ESE) application process.

Our Students

Students in the department often align their interests with one of our research strengths including:

  • Characterizing exposures to contaminants in air, water, soil and workplaces;
  • Developing engineering and policy solutions to environmental risks;
  • Using molecular approaches to understanding diseases caused by toxic substances in the environment; and
  • Overcoming environmental health challenges in developing countries.

How to Apply

  1. If you’re applying to the undergraduate degree, please see the BSPH application information page.
  2. If you’re applying to a graduate degree, please check out our Graduate Application FAQ before applying.
  3. If you are applying to the MS, MSEE, MSPH or PhD program, please visit UNC-Chapel Hill’s graduate admission information page for instructions.
  4. If you are applying to the MPH program, there are two steps to complete.
    1. Apply through SOPHAS.
    2. Apply through the UNC Graduate School. The individualized link created by the SOPHAS application must be in place in order to start the UNC Graduate School’s application. Without the UNC-Chapel Hill application, you have not applied.

Need more information?

Still have questions?

Contact the ESE department’s Student Services.


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