Current students

Students enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Health Disparities Certificate Program will gain a synthesis of knowledge across a variety of disciplines and an expanded depth of the nature and causality of health disparities and be able to translate knowledge into effective action.


Program requirements

Please refer to your program handbook.

Policy on approval of new certificate courses

Students may submit the course syllabus for any course that they feel meets the criteria for the certificate’s curriculum. For a course to be considered, we ask that a copy of the instructor’s syllabus be sent to the ECHO program office for review. Course review and approval are based on the feedback received from two faculty reviewers based on the Criteria for Including Courses in the Health Disparities Curriculum for the Interdisciplinary Certificate Program in Health Disparities. If a course syllabus is approved as an eligible certificate course, students enrolled in that course during the semester of approval or within one year of completion can count the course for credit.

Granting certificates to students

Students who have completed all required coursework and program activities towards the certificate must complete the following steps before a certificate can be awarded.

  • Provide the ECHO office with a list of completed courses and unofficial transcript verifying the completion of courses.
  • Complete the certificate program’s exit survey.


Academic Course Plan of Action Form (Word doc)