December 27, 2011


Doctoral student
2011-2012 Fryer Fellow

Hibbard (left), with Diane Fryer Medcalf

Hibbard (left), with Diane Fryer Medcalf

Jon Hibbard started out as a mathematician, pure and simple. It’s a subject he loves.

But when one of his friends underwent a career change and began to work as a nurse, he was jealous of how fulfilled his friend felt at work and of the positive impact he was having.

“This led me to wonder whether I also could use my training to have impact on health matters,” Hibbard says. “And then I found biostatistics!”

Hibbard says he was thrilled to be offered a place at UNC. “When I interviewed at the school of public health,” he says, “I came away with a flavor of the school’s academic rigor. Since enrolling, I have not been disappointed. I am loving my new direction — and the UNC school of public health! ”

Hibbard received a Fryer Fellowship in Biostatistics, established by Diane Fryer Medcalf in 2003 in memory of her late husband, John Fryer, PhD. Dr. Fryer was a research professor of biostatistics at UNC and taught in the department for many years before his death in 2001.

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