From the dean's desk (Spring, 2013)

Research connects past and future

Suzanne Maman

Small loans change health behaviors in at-risk young men

Glenn Walters

Tinkering his way to an innovative academic career

Nab Dasgupta

Saving lives while giving back to North Carolina

Embracing technology to teach millennials

"It's important to meet students where they are." —John Paul, PhD

October 2012 — April 2013 school news


Eunice Brock

Honoring a beloved daughter through a scholarship gift

Ron and Jan Kimble

Creating a legacy for Jamie

Ronald and Ann Wooten

A public health crisis too close to home

2013 Graduate School Impact Awards

We made quite an impact!

Research in progress

Solutions on the horizon at the Gillings School

The birth of Biodeptronix

Scientific improvisation puts researchers in good company

UNC's Nutrition Research Institute

Discovering what every body is craving

Jason Surratt

Exploring the dark side of the forest

Alumnus viewpoint

North Carolina's decision about Medicaid expansion affects everyone

Parents establish dissertation award to honor Cynthia Cassell

Gail H. Cassell, PhD, DSc (Hon.), and Ralph H. Cassell, MBA, are very proud of their daughter, Cynthia.

Making a world of difference

Annual donor dinner celebrates campus water theme

Acknowledgements (Spring, 2013)

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