Carolina Public Health Online Survey

    Your opinion matters

    Because of state budget cuts, our spring 2009 Carolina Public Health magazine is almost entirely online. The Web version allows new features, including LinkedIn discussions, YouTube videos and Flickr photo albums. These may appeal to some people while others may find that the online version does not have the convenience or visual appeal of print. As we plan future issues of Carolina Public Health, we need your feedback. If budget cutbacks continue, we want your help in deciding whether to continue the mostly online approach. Please let us know what you think, either by completing the survey below or contacting Ramona DuBose, director of communications, at (919) 966-7467 or Your opinion really matters to us!

    Did you receive a mailer announcing the School’s online magazine? The mailer is in full color and contains brief summaries of the stories.

    Yes No Not Sure

    How did you find this survey?

    I used the link on the mailer.
    I found it online.
    Someone told me about it.

    How are you affiliated with the school? Please check all that apply.


    Faculty or adjunct faculty member

    Staff member


    Friend of the school

    Family member of a student

    Public health practitioner

    Affiliated with another school of public health

    Affiliated with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Where do you live?

    North Carolina
    Washington D.C. area
    U.S. – South
    U.S. – Northeast
    U.S. – Midwest
    U.S. – West
    International location

    What is your age?

    Under 18

    Have you read past issues of Carolina Public Health magazine IN PRINT?

    Yes No Not Sure

    Have you read past issues of Carolina Public Health magazine ONLINE?

    Yes No Not Sure

    Will you or did you read the newest Carolina Public Health stories (Spring 2009) ONLINE?

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    Which do you prefer?

    Online magazine (no print version required)
    Print version only
    Shortened print version (mailer) with full text on-line (same as the current issue)
    Both regular length print magazine and online version

    What information do you want from Carolina Public Health magazine? Please check all that apply.

    Feature stories on research

    Profiles of faculty, students, staff and alumni

    Photos of School people, projects and events

    Alumni news


    School news

    Awards and recognitions

    Donor lists and opportunities to invest

    Letter from the Dean


    Given the tight budget situation, many universities now mail their magazine only to those who contribute at a certain level, or they charge a subscription fee. How do you feel about the magazine being mailed to donors only?

    Agree Disagree Don’t know

    If you are not a current donor to the School, would you be willing to contribute annually in order to receive the magazine?

    Additional comments or suggestions: