Deliver Proven Solutions: Dr. Herbert Peterson declares, “Clearly, people do not benefit from interventions they do not experience.”

Deliver Proven Solutions: As a young researcher, Dr. Steven Zeisel asked a critical question: “Is choline is an essential nutrient for humans?”

Prevent Disease: Dr. Noel Brewer shares his research on how confident provider messaging can increase HPV vaccination rates.

Prevent Disease: Dr. Allison Aiello says we must acknowledge that another pandemic will occur.

Prevent Disease: Dr. Ralph Baric explains our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to responding to lethal viruses.

Prevent Disease: Drs. Nabarun Dasgupta and Stephen Marshall discuss the need to improve our understanding of the conditions that lead to chronic pain and addiction.

For this issue of Carolina Public Health, we asked members of our faculty, staff, alumni and boards to respond to critical questions about the future of public health.

To organize their answers, we assigned each to a category that closely aligns with one of our School’s strategic theme areas, recognizing that a person’s work often cuts across categories. These categories include “Prevent Disease,” “Deliver Proven Solutions,” “Protect the Environment,” “Harness Big Data” and “Leadership.”

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