“My UNC public health degree put me in the right place at the right time.”

Leadership: Dr. Amy Lansky shares her view that, in the face of uncertainty, leaders can rely on foundational skills related to priority-setting, use of data and sustaining partnerships.

Leadership: Dr. Claudia Fernandez provides an overview of how leadership development institutes led by the Gillings School train participants to address the world’s “wicked problems.”

Leadership: “When I try to define good leadership, I think more in terms of actions than characteristics.”

Leadership: “Asking the difficult questions and managing the avenues of change – those are the spaces in which creative, innovative leaders thrive.”

Leadership: “One way to cultivate leadership skills is by identifying a mentor who embodies those qualities.”

Leadership: “Public health leaders must be prepared for change to happen at a much faster speed than in the past.”

Leadership: “Don’t wait years to develop a program in your area of public health – start drafting something and iterate it.”

Leadership: “As a chair, I have come to appreciate being more open to diverse ideas from others.”

Leadership: “A science-literate public is essential to a functioning democracy and to public health protection.”