From the dean (Fall 2016)

Greetings to our readers

And the winner is... an innovative sex ed app!

Two Gillings School doctoral students have received the largest award ever made to a student or student group at UNC

Collaborative lab environment leads to major weapon in Zika fight

A team from the Gillings School offers hope for a therapeutic treatment

The great unsweetening

Mexico's beverage tax moves the country toward health

Student case studies dramatically improve real-world hospital policy

Students in the Gillings School have an impact on safety

Trajectories (Fall 2016)

Young alumni prove themselves as local and global public health leaders

Dennis Gillings speaks at 2016 commencement

Thank you, Dr. Gillings, for an inspiring commencement address!

Marcia Angle, MD, MPH

A mother-daughter gift helps improve the lives of children everywhere
Naomi Sadighi Ranstrom

Annual Fund: 100 stories and counting

Since 2009, we have awarded more than 100 Annual Fund scholarships to Gillings students

Acknowledgements (Fall 2016)

Thanks to our Foundation Board, Advisory Council and others who support Carolina Public Health

Thoughts on innovation leadership

Look up “innovation” in a dictionary, and you may be in for a surprise

Well served?

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson investigates inequities in drinking water quality in Wake County

The Measurement, Learning & Evaluation Project

Detailed and accurate data allow researchers to avoid 'one-size-fits-all' solutions

Pictures speak louder than words — at least on cigarette packs

Cigarette packaging has long been a policy battleground

Cystic fibrosis screening for newborns transforms young lives

This research has affected every baby born in the U.S. over the past decade

May — November 2016 School News


Paula Brown Stafford

Our distinguished alumna

A Conversation with Dr. Amanda Adler

Keep your standards high – and then go for it!

Honor roll of donors (Fall 2016)

July 1, 2015 — June 30, 2016

Q&A with Tim Mukoda

Mukoda is a huge proponent of “paying it forward”