December 1, 2016

Your gifts are an investment in impact. You help us recruit and retain the strongest faculty, support innovations in research, practice and teaching, and train the next generation of public health leaders. Your support enables us to achieve the most important bottom line on our most important balance sheet — to find solutions to threats and problems across North Carolina and around the world. That’s the difference your gifts make – and the difference we can make together! Thank you!

— Barbara K. Rimer, DrPH
Dean and Alumni Distinguished Professor

Triple Society

Special thanks to the following donors who are members of all three giving societies. Their gifts help us grow in specific ways, provide unrestricted funding so that School administrators can say Yes! when great ideas and opportunities arise, and help us plan in ways that will allow the School to succeed well into the future.

  • H. Michael & Barbara Arrighi
  • Priscilla Guild
  • Gary & Carolyn Koch
  • Barbara K. Rimer
  • Russ Toal
  • Susanne Glen Moulton & Thomas K. Wong

Dual Society

The following individuals have demonstrated loyalty and support for the Gillings School by giving more than one type of gift and thus appear in more than one recognition society list.

Sheryl Wallin Abrahams & Steven Abrahams
Mike Aitken & Betsy Rudolph
Marcia Angle & Mark Trustin
Anonymous (3)
H. Michael & Barbara Arrighi
Laura & Fred Brown
Dauer Family Foundation
Edwin & Rebecka Fisher
Dennis & Mireille Gillings
Andrea & Michael Griffin
Priscilla Guild
Barbara S. Hulka
Joan Cornoni Huntley
Jill & Michael Edwin Kafrissen
Emil J. Klingenfus
Gary & Carolyn Koch
Miriam Labbok*
Maylon & Linda West Little
Sandra Martin & Larry Kupper
Mark & Terese Merrill
Alan C. Moore
Susanne Glen Moulton & Thomas K. Wong
Andrew Olshan & Linda Levitch
Barry Michael Popkin & Cay Stratton
Barbara K. Rimer & Bernard Glassman
Anna Pittman Schenck & James Simpson Schenck IV
Marion & Victor Schoenbach
Ruth Ann Shults & Charles T. Bradley
Paula Brown Stafford & Gregory Stafford
Mary S. Thompson
Russ Toal
William J. Tyroler & Barbara Ingram

* deceased

Rosenau Society

Recognizing donors who made unrestricted gifts of $1,000 or more ($500 or more for alumni one to five years post-graduation) between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016

$10,000 and above
Marcia Angle & Mark Trustin
Esther Maria John & Aart De Geus
Jill & Michael Edwin Kafrissen
Adam & Michelle Parker
Jennifer & Jimmy Rosen
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Paula Brown Stafford & Gregory W. Stafford
Triangle Community Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999
Appalachian Mountain Advocates Inc.
Rebekah Sue Bowden
Meghan & Keith Clithero
Jennifer & Don Holzworth
Betty Kenan Sheila Leatherman
Mona Marie Moon
Barbara K. Rimer & Bernard Glassman
Virginia & John Sall
Jacqueline vdH Sergent & Hervé Olivier Sergent
Lydia Lansangan Tiosejo
Matthew Forrest Webb & Pamela Leigh Purser
Louise & Derek Winstanly

$2,000 to $4,999
Sheryl Wallin Abrahams & Steven Abrahams
Omid & Julie Ahdieh
Anonymous (2)
Mike Aitken & Betsy Rudolph
LaMont & Nikki Bryant
Deniese & Edward Chaney
Terri Ann Colangelo
Joanna & Matthew Conley
Mark & Teresa Gordon
Andrea & Michael Griffin
Geraldine Guess
Carolyn & Michael Halpern
Paula & William Harrison
Heather Lynn Hartline-Grafton & Brian Keith Grafton
Johanna Drumm Birckmayer & James Edward Herrington Jr.
Barbara S. Hulka
Jennifer Ierardi & R. Andrew Ierardi
Peter B. Imrey
Todd Jones & Kimberly Brackett-Jones
Kathleen Kaney James & Virginia Midgett Kinard
Shoou-Yih Daniel Lee
Julia MacMillan
Richard Davis & Beth Mayer-Davis
Mark & Terese Merrill
Dara Lee Murphy
Mary Anne Murray & B. J. Clark
Andrew Olshan & Linda Levitch
Rodney Aaron Overcash & Francine Overcash
Douglas & Cynthia Owen
George Pink & Peggy Leatt
Maura & Mark Rampolla
Patricia Saddier
Linda Martin Sanders & Brian Sanders
Anna Pittman Schenck & James Simpson Schenck IV
Allen & Susan Willey Spalt
Sarah Strunk
Senthil Sundaram & Cheri Hansen-Sundaram
Mary Thompson
John Triplett & Diane Hibino
UNC Hospitals
Alice White

$1,000 to $1,999
Kathy & Howard Anderson
Lynda Ann Anderson & J. Kenneth Conover
H. Michael & Barbara Arrighi
Association of North Carolina Boards of Health
Rye & Tracy Barcott
Jamie Bartram & Jane Bailey
Peggy Bentley
Lisa & Thomas Bever
Michael Boyd
Laura & Fred Brown
Roger Carl Byrd & Jill June Blacharsh
Jianwen Cai & Haibo Zhou
Stacy-Ann Christian
Joann & Ralph Cook
David Cooper
Deborah Covington
Michael Cucchiara & Marty Hayes
Dauer Family Foundation
Gordon Lacy Daughtry
Blake & Tanya Dillon
David Dodson
Lisa Dooley
Charles Perry Dunbar
Elizabeth Dunn
Dan Elliott & Jeanne Stahl
Edwin & Rebecka Fisher
Stuart & Karen Gansky
Priscilla Guild
Leslie & Philip Gura
Nancy Logan Haigwood & Andy McNiece
Richard Hammel
Rosanne & Dennis Hanratty
Carolyn Hart
James Hendricks
Geoffrey Honaker
Deborah Parham Hopson
Sallie & Douglas Huber
Thomas Jones
Richard Miles Kamens & Bobette Eckland
Berton & Ellen Kaplan
Donna Gayle King
Charles Wayne Kinsey
Amy Lansky Knowlton & Paul Enrique Knowlton
Gary & Carolyn Koch
Pamela & Michael Kosorok
Laure Lovelace Kowalski
Miriam Labbok*
Tally Lassiter Marie & Don Lauria
Clara Lee & Bill Miller
Danyu Lin
Chao-Yang Lo & Ning Sang
Molly Loomis
Sandra Martin & Larry Kupper
James & Mary Merchant
Jesse Milan Jr.
Crystal Hinson Miller & Eric Miller
Susanne Glen Moulton & Thomas Wong
Timothy Mukoda Darin & Tracy Mullis
Sharon Nicholson & Michael Anthony Harrell
Jeffrey Oberhaus & Brent Wishart
James O’Connell
Leonard Oppenheimer & Ruth Zelig
Edith Ann Parker
Mary Peoples-Sheps & David Sheps
David Pesci
Herbert Peterson
Rohit Ramaswamy
Roy J. Ramthun
Clyda & George Rent
James & Donna Schaefer
Marion & Victor Schoenbach
Jeffrey Simms
Charletta Sims Evans
Ellison Leon Smith Jr. & Electa Alexander Smith
Steven & Sylvia Snapinn
Paul Edward Stang & Wendy Liebling
David Steffen & Jill Kerr
Strata Solar LLC
Chirayath & Hamsa Suchindran
Sandra & James Swenberg
Katie Thornsvard
Russ Toal
Susan Toal
Robert Vollinger Jr.
Dianne Stanton Ward
John Wiesman & Ted Broussard
Markus Wilhelm
Diane & Thomas Yerg

* deceased


Solutions Society

Recognizing donors who made restricted gifts of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016

$1,000,000 and above
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Columbia University
FHI 360
Joan H. Gillings
Joan H. Gillings Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
World Vision

$500,000 to $999,999
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Institute for Healthcare Improvement

$250,000 to $499,999
American Heart Association
Anonymous (2)
Estavayer Lait SA
Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Wake Forest University Health Sciences
Washington University in St. Louis

$100,000 to $249,999
American Institute for Cancer Research
Boston University
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Cornell University Research
Nancy Ann Dreyer
Duke University
Jo Anne & Shelley Earp
Fanconi Anemia Research
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Johns Hopkins University
Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Northwestern University
Plan International USA
Barry Michael Popkin & Cay Stratton
Reagan-Udall Foundation for the Food & Drug Administration
Renal Research Institute LLC-RES
UCB Biosciences Inc.
Wits Health Consortium

$50,000 to $99,999
8-hour Ozone SIP Coalition
Baylor University College of Medicine
Brown University
Genentech Inc.
GlaxoSmithKline RTP
Henry M. Jackson Foundation
Gary & Carolyn Koch
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy
National Network of Public Health Institutes
Nemours Foundation
Procter & Gamble
Sanofi US Services Inc.
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Wallace Genetic Foundation

$10,000 to $49,999
AbbVie Inc.
Amgen Inc.
Arena Pharmaceuticals
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
AstraZeneca UK Limited
Becton Dickinson & Company
BioDelivery Sciences International
BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.
Bloodworks Northwest
Blue Cross Blue Shield of N.C. Foundation
Celgene Corporation
Centers for Disease Control Foundation
Circassia Limited
Cytokinetics Inc.
Dauer Family Foundation
Chester & Joy Douglass
Rose Dreyer
Duke University Medical Center
Brenda Kay Edwards
Electric Power Research Institute
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Forest Research Institute
Gilead Sciences Inc. – HQ
Dennis & Mireille Gillings
GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals SA
Priscilla Guild
Signe B. Hanson
Innovative Science Solutions LLC
InquisitHealth Inc.
Donna Ireland
Kathy Ireland
Jacaranda Health
Jewish Community Foundation of Metrowest NJ
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johnson & Johnson
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Kybele Inc.
Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance
Mark & Terese Merrill
Momentum Research
Morehouse School of Medicine
Susanne Glen Moulton & Thomas K. Wong
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Mylan Inc.
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
National Water Research Institute
Nestec Inc.
Nurtur LLC
Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Pfizer Inc.
Pharmacyclics Inc.
PTC Therapeutics Inc.
Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust
Celette Sugg Skinner & Michael Allen Skinner
Smith Anderson
Paula Brown Stafford & Gregory Stafford
The Geneva Foundation
The Sanofi Foundation for North America
Theravance Inc.
Patrick & Molly Thompson
Tobira Therapeutics Inc.
TransTech Pharma Inc.
University of Cape Town
Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
WaterAid America Inc.
Chen-yu Yen & Ray-Whay Yen

$1,000 to $9,999
Sheryl Wallin Abrahams & Steven Abrahams
Advanced Health Media LLC
Mike Aitken & Betsy Rudolph
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
American Academy of Family Physicians
Anonymous (3)
Aqua Research LLC
H. Michael & Barbara Arrighi
Oscar R. Aylor
Barbara Anne Barr
Nina A. Bickell
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Life Science Group
Stuart Osborne Bondurant Jr. & Susan Haughton Ehringhaus
Noel Brewer
Laura & Fred Brown
Caleb’s Feet Foundation Inc.
Carol Woods Charitable Fund Inc.
CDI Research LLC
Grace R. Chan
Denise Smith Cline
Community Foundation of Western North Carolina
David Herman Cooper & Barbara Jean Tyroler
CPI International
James Ingram & Alice Morrow Dean
Edward P. Ehlinger
Kenneth L. Eudy
Falling Leaves Foundation Inc.
MaryAnn Cross Farthing
Edwin & Rebecka Fisher
Elizabeth French
Lynne Covington Garrison & Herbert Gaston Garrison III
Martha S. Gerrity
Susan Everett Gravely & William Goley Ross Jr.
Sandra B. Greene
Laura Hanson & David Cecelski
Hazen and Sawyer P.C.
George & Virginia Howard
Barbara S. Hulka
Joan Cornoni Huntley
InnovaPrep LLC
International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials
Mary Ellen James
Joan and Robert Huntley Charitable Foundation
James George Kerr
Joanne Klevens
Emil J. Klingenfus
Anne & Jonathan Kotch
Miriam Labbok*
Suzanne Landis & William McKenna
CL Lassiter
Margaret Edith Layne
Maylon & Linda West Little
Stephen & Laura Loehr
MadiDrop PBC
Robert & Adeline Yen Mah
Jill & Anthony Manata
Lewis Harvey Margolis & Linda Frankel
Sandra Martin & Larry Kupper
Mary S. Thompson Trust
Thomas Joseph Monaco Jr. & Jane Holland Monaco
Alan C. Moore
John & Suzanne Morrow
Sarah Taylor Morrow
Thomas & Susan Morrow
Heather Munroe-Blum
Network for Good
North Carolina Public Health Foundation
NSF International
Charlotte & Miguel Nuñez-Wolff
Andrew Olshan & Linda Levitch
John & Jill Paul
Lynne Morrow Perrin
Plan USA
PSI Washington
Revlon Inc.
Thomas Cleveland Ricketts III & Diana Evans Ricketts
Alan & Linda Bray Rimer
Barbara K. Rimer & Bernard Glassman
Joanne Roberts
Martin Roper & Nancy Beach
William & Maryann Roper
Jo Ann L. Roth
R. Gary & Jeanette Rozier
RTI International
Sawyer Products Inc.
Anna Pittman Schenck & James Simpson Schenck IV
Marion & Victor Schoenbach
Ernest & Mary Margaret Strom Schoenfeld
Scientific Methods Inc.
SF Breastfeeding Promotion Coalition
Ruth Ann Shults & Charles T. Bradley
Sallie Shuping Russell
Gladys Siegel
Pam Cindy Silberman & Jack Holtzman
Lola V. Stamm
Sally Stearns & Raymond Thomas
Donna & Joel Storrow
Rosalind Patricia Thomas & David Stanton Strogatz
Mary Thompson
Russ Toal
Tomlinson Industries
Triangle Global Health Consortium
David Marc Turner
William Tyroler & Barbara Ingram
UNC Student Activities Fund Office
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
Water For People
Gail Young

* deceased

Gerrard Legacy Society

UNC’s Gerrard Legacy Society honors those who make a commitment to the future of UNC-Chapel Hill. We especially recognize and thank those who have designated their legacy gifts to the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016.

Lynda Ann Anderson & J. Kenneth Conover
Marcia Angle & Mark Trustin
Anonymous (7)
H. Michael & Barbara Arrighi
David Ballard & Michela Caruso
Edmund Gerald Barron
Eunice Brock & Samuel Hays Magill
S. Scott Brown
Joseph & Jenifer Haas Carson
Joan Christison-Lagay
Doris Funk Cosgrove
Ronald Gerard & Nancy Louise Davis
Mario Grazia Fiorilli & Ramona Ann Britt Fiorilli
Lawrence Love Gellerstedt III & Carol Green Gellerstedt
Dennis & Mireille Gillings
James & Barbara Grizzle
Andrea & Michael Griffin
Priscilla Guild
John & Fledra Hatch Jr.
Joan Cornoni Huntley
Jill & Michael Edwin Kafrissen
Mildred Kaufman
Floris E. King
Rebecca King & Roy Piscitello
Emil J. Klingenfus
Gary & Carolyn Koch
Miriam Labbok*
Donald Daniel Lisnerski
Maylon & Linda West Little
Rebecca Leigh Mabe
Alan C. Moore
Thomas R. Morris
Susanne Glen Moulton & Thomas Wong
Susan Stoudinger Northcutt
Margaret McDaniel Parshall
Anne Presnell
Barbara K. Rimer
Mark & Karen Rodin
Caroline Davis Rourk
Thomas R. Rykken
Mary Peoples-Sheps & David Sheps
Ruth Ann Shults & Charles T. Bradley
Reid Tatum
Russ Toal
Joan Meister Truby
William J. Tyroler & Barbara J. Ingram
Charles M. Weiss
John Wiesman & Ted Broussard

* deceased

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you have found an error or omission, please bring it to our attention by calling (919) 966-0198 or emailing

Tribute Gifts

In honor of Amanda Briggs
…..Gary W. Atkins

In honor of Barbara Rimer
…..Leah & Joseph Devlin

In honor of Bert Kaplan
…..Joanne Klevens

In honor of Dr. Anita Farel
…..Lewis Harvey Margolis & Linda Frankel
…..Carolyn J. & Michael S. Halpern

In honor of Dr. Don Lauria
…..Paul Thomas Lauria

In honor of Dr. George Pink
…..Tally E. Lassiter

In honor of Dr. Jo Anne Earp
…..Nicholas M. & Krista Butler Hollander
…..Susan Ellen Cohn & Jonathan D. Klein
…..Barry Michael Popkin & Cay Stratton

In honor of Dr. John Hatch
…..Sharon L. Heinrich

In honor of Dr. Jonathan Bruce Kotch
…..Lewis Harvey Margolis & Linda Frankel

In honor of Dr. Kathleen A. Rounds
…..Lewis Harvey Margolis & Linda Frankel

In honor of Dr. Miriam Labbok
…..Rotary Club of Chapel Hill
…..Lewis Harvey Margolis & Linda Frankel

In honor of Dr. Russell Peyton Harris Jr.
…..Jonathan F. Branch

In honor of Dr. Victor J. Schoenbach
…..Robert & Wendy Reasenberg

In honor of Jack Parker
…..Lisa F. Parker

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wildman
…..Margaret A. Lucking

In honor of Mr. John B. Wildman
…..Margaret A. Lucking

In honor of Mr. Spencer Wai Gee
…..Marion & Victor Schoenbach

In honor of Mrs. Lindsay Bever Breithaupt
…..Lisa & Thomas Bever

In honor of Mrs. Lucy Carlson
…..John J. & Jeanne D. White

In honor of Ms. Elena M. Rivera
…..Marion & Victor Schoenbach

In honor of Ms. Katie Starr
…..Teresa R. Starr

In honor of Ms. Laren Kate Everage
…..Jimmy & Laurie Everage

In honor of Ms. Linda Craven Kastleman
…..Marion & Victor Schoenbach

In honor of Ms. May Chen
…..Marion & Victor Schoenbach

In honor of Ms. Sharbari Dey
…..Marion & Victor Schoenbach

In honor of Sandra Swenberg
…..James Swenberg

In memory of Dr. Bernard G. Greenberg
…..Berton Harris & Ellen Brauer Kaplan

In memory of Dr. C. Arden Miller
…..Anne & Jonathan Kotch

In memory of Dr. E. Michael Foster
…..Sheryl Wallin Abrahams & Steven Abrahams

In memory of Dr. Henry Tyrus Miller
…..Barbetha Miller

In memory of Dr. Hilton Goulson
…..Ronald Walter & Estelle Bousquet

In memory of Dr. Lucy Shields Morgan
…..Harcourt A. Morgan III & Linda R. Morgan

In memory of Dr. Norman Weatherly
…..Lydia Lansangan Tiosejo
…..George Wilson Moore III & Cynthia J. Moore

In memory of Dr. Richard F. Cole
…..Maylon & Linda West Little

In memory of Dr. Robert D. Verhalen
…..Philip Alan Deane & Lorraine Szpakowski Salois-Deane
…..Joseph Walter & Stella J. Lansing
…..Jill & Anthony Manata
…..Brent M. Mowery

In memory of Dr. Robert Millikan
…..Michele R. Forman

In memory of Joseph Barry Bass
…..Leonard Leas Wood

In memory of Kathy Kerr
…..Laurence A. & Constance B. Wescott

In memory of Laurel Zaks
…..Jason Zaks

In memory of Mr. George Kerr
…..Myers Park Baptist Church
…..Geoffrey Gantt
…..Leonard Martina & Beth Eakes
…..David L. & Jane M. Conlan
…..Tillie S. Tice
…..Laurence A. & Constance B. Wescott
…..Frances Kerr
…..James George Kerr
…..Lewis Allen Dancy & Michael Lloyd Case
…..Harrell G. & Margaret E. Chotas
…..Lois D. Dickison
…..Florapearl A. Cobey
…..Anna D. Burroughs
…..Robert T. Scherrman
…..Pam Turner
…..Eleanor W. Balch
…..Dana L. Giunta
…..Sisters of St. Francis, Assisi Heights Convent
…..Barbara Lucas

In memory of Mr. Irving Rimer
…..Elizabeth A. French

In memory of Mr. James C. Lamb III
…..Maylon & Linda West Little

In memory of Mrs. Mary Rose Tulley
…..Sheryl Wallin Abrahams & Steven Abrahams

In memory of Ms. Eva Sardella
…..Alison C. Reed

In memory of Steve & Charlotte Garland-Hundley
…..James & Isabel Garland

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