Uploading Video Content on School’s Website and/or YouTube

  1. Collect your video footage in the highest resolution that your equipment will allow. For content suggestions or interviewing advice, contact Branson Moore in the School’s communications office.
  2. Edit your video to a reasonable viewing length – generally 20 seconds for a testimonial and 2-3 minutes for a marketing piece. You can make a 5-10 minute video, but it is unlikely that it will be watched in its entirety by most people. Longer videos (1-2 hours) are all right for lectures and conferences.For a consultation about taping, editing or producing your video, contact O.J. McGhee or Tom Laney, in the School’s Information and Instructional Systems unit.
  3. Choose a Web-friendly, native format. QuickTime or MPEG4 is best. Do not use Windows Media. For consultation on formats, contact O.J. or Tom.
  4. Name the video, using the following file-naming convention: dept_lastnameofmainpersoninvideo_year. Do not use capital letters or spaces.
  5. Save the video on a CD (less than 600M in size) or DVD (more than 600M) that you do not expect to have returned to you.
  6. Give the CD or DVD and the following information to Branson Moore (125 Rosenau Hall), who will post it on the School’s YouTube channel.
    1. File name (#4 above)
    2. Title to display on YouTube – Keep it short and meaningful for people searching.
    3. Description – About 278 characters and spaces display on the YouTube page. Any more will require the viewer to click on “more info.”
    4. Meta-tags – keywords that people might use when searching for your video – e.g., UNC, Gillings, health, global, water, disparities, obesity
  7. Once the video is on YouTube, copy the page URL (not the embed link), paste it into a help ticket, and request that it be embedded on one of your Web pages. Remember to indicate exactly where you want the video.