Online Form and Deadline

Use our online form to submit your nomination for the Staff Excellence Award.
Nominations are due Tuesday, December 5, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Please contact Linda Mitchell, assistant director for human resources, if you have any questions.


Left to right are Melvin Powell, Cortney Pylant and Stephanie Forman, the recipients of 2019 Staff Excellence Awards.

Left to right are Melvin Powell, Cortney Pylant and Stephanie Forman, the recipients of 2019 Staff Excellence Awards.

All faculty, staff and students are invited to nominate candidates.

All permanent (full- and part-time) SHRA and EHRA non-faculty employees of the Gillings School of Global Public Health are eligible for the Staff Excellence Award, with the exception of previous winners and selection committee members.

Selection Criteria

The annual monetary award and recognition are given to an employee whose work demonstrates impact and a focus on the core values of the School, as reflected in the following criteria:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Personal integrity
  • Measuring and improving work processes
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration within and across School departments, units and centers
  • Initiative

Selection Committee

The Staff Excellence Awards Committee membership changes annually and includes up to five members, one of whom serves as committee chair. Committee members represent the following groups: business managers, registrars, clerical and/or administrative staff, research staff (social research assistant/associate or EHRA non-faculty research associate), central administrative units, EHRA non-faculty (if not already represented by a manager or research representative), and a recent award recipient.

The committee will make recommendations to the dean, who will make the final award selections.

Past Recipients

2022 – Cassandra Davis (Security Services), Teri Smith (Finance), Tiffany Harris (BIOS), Nick Perrone (SABI)

2021 – Cassie Nakamoto (Academic Affairs), Julia Bourg (CGBI), Samantha Ling Luu (UNC-CH Peer Support Core, Peers for Progress), Paige Schmadeke (EPID), Alexia Kelley (Research), Julie Theriault (MCH)

2020 – Charletta Sims Evans (Student Affairs), Naya Villarreal (Solutions), Tom Laney (IIS), Lisa Lindesmith (EPID), Terri Gault (HPM)

2019 – Stephanie Forman (HPM), Melvin Powell (IIS), Cortney Pylant (EPID)

2018 – Jonathan Earnest (NUTR), Pamela Lee (Dean’s Office/Academic Affairs),
Chantal Donaghy (PHLP)

2017 – Joseph Love (IIS),  Da’Esha McPhaul (HB), Corey Sanders (IIS)

2016 – Angelica Figueroa (Dean’s Office), Andrew Ochs (IIS), Cindy Reilly (PHLP)

2015 – Kathy Biancardi (MCH)

2014 – Joanne O. Lee (NUTR)

2013 – Meg Ellenson Landfriend (HB)

2012 – Sherry Rhodes (Student Affairs)

2011 – Lisa Perry (MCH)

2010 – Chris Perry (Communications)

2009 – Sue Robeson (PHLP)

2008 – Brent Wishart (Facilities)

2007 – Jeno Bratts (IIS)

2006 – Linda Southern (MCH)

2005 – Janet Scearce (NUTR)

2004 – Carmen Woody (EPID)

2003 – Charles Ayres (IIS)

2002 – CL Lassiter (ESE)

2001 – Donna Cooper (HPAA)

2000 – Lynn McPherson (Dean’s Office)

1999 – Betsy Seagroves (BIOS)

1998 – Melinda Walden (HBHE)

1997 – Pam McDonald (HPAA)

1996 – Donna Simmons (ESE)

1995 –  Helen Dark (IIS)

1994 – Gail Gibbs (Dean’s Office)

1993 – JoAnn Roth (NUTR)

1992 – Joyce Allen (EPID)

1991 – Linda Cook (HBHE)

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