Policies and Procedures for Naming School Facilities and Units

Section 1. Reference and Authority

  • The Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC is committed to follow policies and procedures in the “Charter of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Naming University Facilities and Units” effective June 8, 2006.
  • It is the responsibility of all unit heads and department chairs to be familiar with this policy and to follow it.
  • The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Naming University Facilities and Units (“the Committee”) is the organization that reviews proposals and advises the Chancellor. The Board of Trustees approves names for University Facilities and Units.
  • The Dean of the School is the review and preliminary approving authority for the Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Section 2. Policies and procedures for naming facilities and units

  • No facility or unit may be named without following appropriate procedures per the Chancellor’s June 8, 2006, policy on naming.
  • No facility or unit naming proposal may be submitted to the Chancellor’s Office for consideration without prior approval of the Dean as indicated by a signature.
  • When a facility or unit to be named is closely related to a School department or other School unit, members of its faculty shall be consulted before submission of the naming proposal to the Chancellor or Board of Trustees, as mandated by the Chancellor’s policy. (While the UNC-Chapel Hill policy does not include staff and students, we encourage the Chair or unit head to consult these groups as well as faculty members.)
  • Procedures. Wherever a naming proposal originates, it shall at the earliest feasible date be routed through:
    • Responsible Department Chair or unit head, Associate Dean for External Affairs and Dean.
    • The Dean shall seek and receive advice from the Dean’s Council and the Chair or unit head should provide evidence that faculty of the department directly affected by the proposed naming action before acting on the proposal, who, in their deliberations, shall assess the donor’s mission, values and track record, to assure that the donor’s mission and values are consistent with the mission and values of the School.
    • Naming proposals considered appropriate by the Dean will be submitted to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost for consideration.
    • Press releases regarding corporate-funded units shall be submitted to the Dean, Director of Communications, and Associate Dean for External Affairs for review and approval prior to publication.