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New and Improved!! Ready Set Baby

Ready, Set, BABY is a tool used for prenatal counseling on breastfeeding and optimal maternity care practices. It consists of a patient booklet and an educator flip chart. Supplementary resources are also available, including a 2-part online orientation, an implementation guide, printing tips and a curriculum description. All resources are available here.

For general information on the project, including background, click here. Please find the new and improved version with updated content and a fresh, new, simple design below. Thank you for your patience as we update the supplementary resources to go along with the new version.

Ready, Set, BABY – Updated 2018:

African Continent French and Arabic translations coming soon (end of 2018 or early 2019)


RSB Implementation Guide

Other helpful links:

Ready, Set, BABY Online Orientation (2015 Version):

Ready, Set, BABY Training for Educators (Part 1 of 2)  |  (Part 2 of 2)

Click the links above to access a 2-part online orientation to the materials. We recommend that educators watch both parts of the training, and then practice their facilitation of the education before using the materials with patients. As always, we welcome your feedback.

A note about the old version:

Due to the funding supporting this project having come to an end, we are doing our best to sustain this resource amidst other competing priorities. As we are able, we plan to post the remaining translations of the 2018 RSB, and we are considering a revised online orientation after that.

What if I have a ton of the old version of materials in stock? Can i still use them?

Yes! The old version of RSB can still be used. If you have any specific parts of the new content that you’d like to incorporate, you could consider making labels of the new content to stick over the old content (for a small section). You could also utilize the stand-alone resource entitled “Let’s Review What We’ve Learned” from the new version as a way of supporting mother’s recollection of the material until you are able to use the new version which has this included on p. 16.

Please email directly for questions regarding Ready Set Baby.

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