We recommend using your preferred printer vendor to print color, saddle-stitched copies with a slightly heavier weight cover and thinner insider text. The booklet is 24-pages, and estimates are readily available in a matter of seconds at most online printers if you have the above information handy. Be sure to request shrink-wrapped bundles of 25 for easy handling, as well as no more than 4 bundles to a box to keep the weight under 40 pounds. In the past, we have been happy with the quality from Printing Center USA for large booklet orders, and we’ve found them to be the most cost effective when ordering multiple thousand at a time. For smaller jobs we recommend your local preferred printer, but definitely get a physical proof before ordering, as colors can vary, as well as the integrity of the inner staples depending on the machine used.

We are not able to process any orders through CGBI or UNC. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you are a part of a hospital, we suggest reaching out to your marketing department for help. They may be able to be the go-between and communicate directly with the printer your facility prefers.


We encourage people to print the flip charts “Do-It-Yourself” style. Here is a suggested process:

Option 1 (plastic sleeves) – most cost-effective and easiest method!

  1. Print the file in color at a local print shop (front/back printing).
  2. Place the printed pages inside individual plastic sleeves that are hole punched for 3-ring binders.
  3. Arrange in the binder. The added half-inch or so at the top edge of the page will help with ease of flipping, especially if using a smaller ring size binder.
  4. Sanitize pages as needed.
  5. Buy a special ‘easel binder’ that also serves as a display on a table for ease in facilitating the education to patients. Here’s one we like (no affiliation):

Option 2 (laminate)

  1. Print the file in color at a local print shop (front/back printing).
  2. Laminate the pages so you can sanitize them as needed.
  3. Hold punch the laminated pages to fit a 3-ring binder.
  4. Arrange in the binder.
  5. Many ‘easel binders’ on the market are not suitable for thick laminate pages. Look for one with a very large ring size, like 3 inches. Of the ones we have tested, we like this one the best so far but it is more expensive than the example above (again, we have no affiliation with these companies):


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