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CGBI: Breastfeeding Survey Course

Survey Course on optimal infant and young child feeding (MHCH 605 – Spring)

In this survey course, students will explore human lactation and breastfeeding as nested within the reproductive health continuum. The biocultural aspects of maternal and child perinatal health in the “first 1,000 days” – from conception to an infant’s second birthday – will be examined using evolutionary, cross-cultural, and global health perspectives. Students will also discover the ways in which pregnancy, birthing practices, and infant care shape infant feeding strategies, growth, development and maternal and child health across the life course.

Other topics include human reproductive ecology; complementary feeding and weaning; nutrition and immunology; early human development; infant sleep; alloparenting, adoption, and surrogacy; medicalization of pregnancy, birth, and infant feeding; donor human milk banking; milk sharing; and global health policies and practices related to infant and young child feeding. Emerging topics in research, ethics, communications, and advocacy will be addressed. The course is taught in seminar style with a combination of instructor lectures, student peer teaching and learning activities, and guest speakers.

The following competencies and corresponding skills are addressed: Analytic Assessment Policy Development; Program Planning; Communication; Cultural Competency; and Community Dimensions of Practice.