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Breastfeeding Exclusive Summer 2020 - Publications & Presentations


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Dr. Palmquist Practice Activities as CGBI Representative 

North Carolina Pregnancy & Continuity of Care During COVID-19 Task Force Recommendations. Released July 2, 2020. Available

Global Nutrition Cluster (GNCC) Template for Joint Statement on Infant and Young Child Feeding in the Context of COVI-19 Pandemic. [ENN IFE Core Group, Steering Committee]. April 1, 2020. Available

Lactation and Infant Feeding in Emergencies (L.I.F.E.™) Initiative, COVID-19 Resources. [Online resources] March 2020 – ongoing. Available

Template for the Joint Statement on Infant and Young Child Feeding in the Context of COVID-19 Pandemic. [IFE Core Group]. April 2, 2020 Available

UNICEF Infant and Young Child Feeding in the Context of COVID-19 brief, No2 (v1). March 30, 2020. [IFE Core Group] Available



Asiodu IVA and Palmquist AEL. Decolonizing breastfeeding research. (Virtual Forum). 2020 Annual ROSE Summit, July 2020.

Bourg J and Lawless G. EMPower Training Tool: Comprehensive Training Materials for Step 2 Competency-Based Training. ENRICH Carolinas Learning Collaborative Meeting. Chapel Hill, NC, February 2020.

Hendricks, M. TeleHealth Opportunities and Experiences from McLeod Regional Florence. (Webinar) ENRICH Carolinas Pilot Virtual Learning Collaborative. March 2020.

Hendricks, M, Jones, P, Campbell, T. Maternity Care Facility Sharing Panel. ENRICH Carolinas Learning Collaborative Meeting. Chapel Hill, NC, February 2020.

Huntley D, Bridgman J. Enhancing Breastfeeding Supports in Child Care. Nebraska Go NAP SACC Professional Development, June 2020, Lincoln, NE.

Huntley D, Bridgman J. Supporting Breastfeeding Families. Nebraska Go NAP SACC Professional Development, June 2020, Lincoln, NE.

Palmquist AEL. Viral Babies and COVID-19. (Webinar) Gillings Building COVID-19 Research Collaborations Webinar: Kids and COVID-19, with Dr. Whitney Robinson. May 2020.

Palmquist AEL. Silver Lining Playbook Series for Birth and Breastfeeding. (Virtual Forum). KSA & The Mocha Manual, May 2020.

Palmquist AEL. Bridges not backs: A feminist recovery forum series. Part II. (Virtual Forum). Hawaii Commission on the Status of Women and the Waiwai Collective, May 2020.

Palmquist AEL. COVID-19: Infant feeding during the postpartum period. (Webinar) California Breastfeeding Coalition, March 2020.

Palmquist AEL Making sense of COVID-19 science and news. (Webinar) The Icarus Project, March 2020.

Palmquist AEL. COVID-19 Lactation and Infant Feeding in Emergencies (L.I.F.E) Support. (Webinar) ENRICH Carolinas. March 2020.

Parry K, Huntley D and Bridgman, J. Beyond the Hospital: Opportunities for Comprehensive Lactation Protection, Promotion and Support. ENRICH Carolinas Learning Collaborative Meeting. Chapel Hill, North Carolina, February 2020

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Stuebe A. It really does take a village. North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force. Raleigh, NC, February 2020.

Stuebe A. Shame, Guilt and the Search for Common Ground. Duke University Medical Center. Durham, NC, February 2020.

Stuebe A. Establishing the 4th Trimester and Please pass the oxytocin: Biological mechanisms of postpartum depression. California Breastfeeding Summit. Sacramento, CA, January 2020.

Sullivan C. Training Resources form the Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute. (Webinar) United States Breastfeeding Committee National Webinar Series, February 2020.


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