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Breastfeeding Exclusive Spring 2019 - Colleague Corner

Angela Tatum Malloy, MAT, B.Sc., IBCLC, CLC, Doula

Angela Tatum Malloy, MAT, B.Sc., IBCLC, CLC, Doula

Angela is a military wife and mother of 5 breastfed children and has 4 breastfed grandchildren. She started her breastfeeding journey nearly 27 years ago and just recently ended her 6-year breastfeeding journey with her 6-year old daughter. Her breastfeeding success is a testament to her ability to follow her natural instincts – no one in her family had ever breastfed and she had never seen anyone breastfeed their babies before delivering her own.

Angela has always been passionate about supporting and advocating for breastfeeding mothers but it wasn’t until her involvement with the group, Black Women Do Breastfeed (BWDBF), that she realized the need and urgency for quality breastfeeding education, care and support. She joined the BWDBF organization in 2014 and became a member of their Board of Directors that same year. She then became the Outreach Director for the military organization, Mom2Mom Global, serving on the board and operating the Ft. Bragg chapter. After these initial service work experiences, Angela went on to become a leader in her own community, starting 4 organizations over the past 5 years: the Military Breastfeeding Network of Fort Bragg, Momma’s Village-Fayetteville, Momma’s Village Doula Collective, and Fayetteville Breastfeeding Center.

The Military Breastfeeding Network of Fort Bragg and Momma’s Village-Fayetteville provide community support groups for breastfeeding to two highly marginalized groups in her community: Black/brown and military mothers. The Momma’s Village Doula Collective trains new doulas of color and supports an average of 4 Black and brown women per month with labor and postpartum care from within their community. The Fayetteville Breastfeeding Center opened in March of this year and is the only independent lactation clinic in the state that accepts all major insurances for outpatient lactation support. The new outpatient center currently employs 3 IBCLCs and provides mentorship to students of lactation who are seeking IBCLC certification through Pathway 3. This work helps to advance future access to equitable breastfeeding support by communities of color; 2 of Angela’s students have already achieved their IBCLC credential.

In addition to this professional work, Angela continues to give back to her community. She provides education to local healthcare professionals about breastfeeding support, partners with the local health department to serve her community, and is working toward a Breastfeeding Friendly City designation for Fayetteville. Outside of all this passionate work, Angela continues to homeschool her youngest child and enjoys gardening, spending time in her beloved downtown Fayetteville and riding her old-fashioned banana-yellow bike around town, connecting with family and friends.\

Angela received a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Accounting and Business Management from Fayetteville State University and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Southern California. She is a 2016 graduate of CGBI’s Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative (MRT-TI), becoming certified as an IBCLC that same year.

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